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Vancouver social media agency Sky Alphabet is an award-winning corporate social media marketing and IR firm in Vancouver BC.
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Social media for public companies.

The social media agency Vancouver built.

  1. Award-winning
  2. $45 billion in experience
  3. Tell your story to millions of investors that use social media
  4. Turnkey alternative or complement to an in-house team
Social Media for Public Companies Presentation - Sky Alphabet - Oct 2021

Leverage social media to create shareholder value.

Be discovered.

Recognized for our work in corporate social media.

Awards Sky Alphabet Social Media

Deploying a successful social media investor relations program is essential.

There are thousands of retail investors and traders that shape opinions and the outlook of your company and management team. If you’re not actively engaging with them, you’re inviting all kinds of problems.

We’re the social media agency with the hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the capital markets to handle any situation on social media.

Defend against threats. Make the most of your opportunities.

Be discovered.

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One of the leading social media agencies for publicly-traded companies.

Social media networking has become a cornerstone of modern corporate communications. Its penetration with retail and institutional investors make it a necessary tool — both defensive and strategic — for those seeking to create and maximize value.

Leading public companies rely on our award-winning knowledge and hands-on management of corporate social media to gain an edge in competitive capital markets.

Ensure your equity has the most effective internet marketing and digital investor relations (IR) strategy with North America’s award-winning Sky Alphabet Social Media.

It is social media’s pervasiveness — created through strategic social media engagement, organic social campaigns, paid social ads, and influencer marketing — that delivers important benefits to public companies.

Vancouver social media agency Sky Alphabet won its second Canadian Search Award on June 10,2021 for "most innovative" campaign.
In June 2021, Sky Alphabet won for “most innovative” campaign.
Corporate Social Media agency Sky Alphabet won a Canadian Search Award on Sept 17, 2020 for "the best use of social media in a search campaign."
In September 2020, Sky Alphabet was awarded “best social media” in a search campaign.

Social media for investor relations:

  1. Increase trading volumes by activating stock-trading algorithms
  2. Access millions of US and European investors
  3. Broaden distribution for official news dissemination
  4. Leverage large global social networks for storytelling
  5. Engage a growing number of mobile investors and digital traders
  6. Showcase your story alongside your peers
40% of trading is done by retail investors. CEOs that understand this use Sky Alphabet for our experience with Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and LinkedIn. These are all platforms where investors expect to discover information about your equity security.
Top social media marketing agencies Canada Sky Alphabet

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Retail Outreach

Grassroots campaigns on social

Social Media Strategy

IR programs are based on planning

OTC Stocks

With so many listings, social is not optional

Award-winning social media, experienced IR and digital marketing under one sky.

We’re the only social media agency in the world with $45 billion in capital markets experience, three social media awards and comprehensive digital capabilities.

With Reddit, Twitter and Instagram offering the perfect venue to tell your corporate story, execute defensive as well as offensive communication strategies.

IR Social Media Strategies

With more than 2,200 stocks listed on the TSX and 10,000 on the OTC, getting the attention of investors is a challenging priority.

We’ve learned that one of the best ways to gain awareness is to tell your story on social media. With a full range of creative strategies (the blitz is a favourite), we’ll find the right plays to communicate your value.

Social media presence was rated as the number differentiator online, eight spots ahead of world class website.
(Source: Episerver May 2020)

When it comes to digital marketing, social media is the biggest differentiator.

Social media presence is the number one differentiator, eight spots ahead of “world class website.”

  1. Social media presence (37%)
    600 global decision makers declared social media as the biggest online differentiator.
  2. Digital experience (33%)
    was tied for second with “self-service options.”
  3. Content marketing (31%)
    tied for third along with “community involvement.”
  4. Way down the list is “world class website” (21%), behind “social causes” and “in-person ordering capabilities.”
    At one time, your website was the priority. Now it’s social media.

We plan, coordinate and execute all types of corporate social media campaigns

Corporate social. Organic social. Paid social. Influencer marketing. Strategic social including social search. Social launches. Social audience acquisition. Integrated campaign social. Social analytics. Instagram takeovers. Giveaways. Follower campaigns. You name it we do it.

Where investor relations and social media intersect.
Where investor relations and social media intersect

The social media agency with billions in capital markets experience.

Award-winning social media for leading public companies.

As a leading social media marketing company, Sky Alphabet has social media managers that create content and marketing strategies for regulated industries, brands and equity securities.

We create and manage social media marketing plans, strategies, tactics and short-term campaigns across the full range of social networks. We work hard to ensure our clients are clearly differentiated, even against larger and better-known brands.

Our ability to differentiate TSX listings on social media through public filings is based on significant experience. Our management team has participated in dozens of high-profile capital raises involving some of the world’s largest transactions.

Social media and digital marketing

Combining social media with tactical digital is a proven approach

On its own, we know that social media marketing can be extremely effective. But when digital is applied as an additional tactic, the results can be dramatic.

Overperformance can be particularly pronounced for firms that do not have a formal social media strategy in place. Gaining exposure to wider audiences often leads to positive results. With so many institutional investors and algorithms using social media and thousands of investors searching Twitter and Google, you already have a large potential audience interested in what you have to say.

Social media is part of the regular workflow for 80% of institutional investors. But retail investors make their decisions based on what they read on social media.
The latest research supports our experience that social media is the new strategic advantage

As a leading social media marketing agency, we are focused on delivering the highest level of social media marketing support in Canada — including outstanding digital marketing — every day of the year.

For public companies and brands that are hungry to grow, social media is no longer optional. It is a necessity. For the experienced user, social media plays an important strategic role, something echoed by a Feb 2020 study of CMOs from Deloitte:

Social media is a strategic tool to achieve important communication and business objectives.

What’s the biggest misconception about social media?

Many people are not aware that social media tools can reach people that are not on social media. That’s why social media is considered to be influential. If you’ve ever opened or logged into a Facebook account, you’re reachable. And guess what? 95.6% of investors use at least one social platform.

Investors not on social media can still be targeted using social media tools

The ability to target niche audiences with tailored messaging makes social ideally suited for complex campaign executions. Why target the entire world with a press release when you can strategically announce one highlight to people who work at Pimco?

The next time you’re considering ways to introduce a new executive, new strategy, new product or new forecast, consider social media.

As a leading social media marketing agency, Sky Alphabet delivers the highest level of social media marketing support in Canada.

Top social media IR firms, Sky alphabet is an award-winning corporate social media agency.
Award-winning social media marketing for growing brands and public companies. As one of Vancouver’s leading digital marketing agencies, we can help you plan and execute your next social media campaign so that you maximize the social media trends across your social accounts.

The best social media audiences aren’t human.

Your audience isn’t just retail traders and institutions. It’s stock-trading algorithms, too.

The best social media audiences are 100% human.

From stakeholders to the buy-side, social content has to cover all the bases.

For public companies on social media, the sky is the limit.

Mobile stock trading moves markets. Take advantage by telling your company’s story on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Get socialized.

We love to create corporate campaigns that few others have the experience to execute.

If you have big plans, we might be able to help.

Sky Alphabet Social Media
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Phone: (604) 602-9166

Social media that creates shareholder value.

We wrote the playbook for public companies. Interested in learning more? Reach out to Steve Yanor today.

Social media playbooks for public companies. We write them and execute the plans flawlessly.

Social Media for Public Companies

Take advantage of Twitter, Reddit, Stocktwits and Instagram; all are chock-full of retail investors, institutional investors, analysts, stock-trading algorithms seeking trading opportunities and investments.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing your brand on social media involves setting a strategy and then executing it. We provide a full range of social media solutions so that your brand accomplishes its objectives.

Social Media Management

We create, coordinate and craft posts that are then published and monitored across a variety of social media networks. Management of your social media is important, and it’s one of the things we do best.


A lot of free traffic comes from people searching Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to divert that traffic to your site.

Digital Marketing

The internet is the new frontier for conducting transactions, especially stock trades. This means your investor relations (IR) efforts should be optimized for digital platforms such as social media and web pages.

Instagram and Paid Social Ads

Page social advertising on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter can be a great way to tell your story to an audience you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

The algorithms are listening

One of our recent campaigns was designed to activate stock-trading algorithms. Even we were surprised at the results.

Days with Tweets were twice as likely to close up: 19 up, 10 down. Days with tweets added $1.59 to the share price.

Days with tweets are twice as likely to be up than days without tweets.

Days without Tweets were a coin flip: 20 up, 20 down. Days without Tweets erased 89 cents from the share price.

Days without tweets were more likely to erode value rather than create value.

Days with Tweets had 19% more volume and accounted for a share price gain of 25%.

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