Effective social media strategy will diplace digital display advertising (banners) and intrusive video (interstitials). How can you guarantee effective social media strategy? For many businesses, social media is becoming the cornerstone of digital marketing programs. As budgets shift from traditional digital marketing platform to social media, effective social media strategy is necessary to deliver the results CMOs and chief digital officers (CDOs) demand. The real reason social media is becoming the centrepiece of digital marketing strategies? Brands own their audience. One of the constant frustrations with issuing expensive press releases is that few people actually read the releases. At some level it’s hard to get off the press release drug because the newswire gives you a piece of paper that […]

Social Media Marketing for Small Business: a Starter Guide This article discusses how social media marketing for business can replace many modes of paid advertising and media. The fact is, social media does the exact same thing as advertising but in many cases it is totally free. The only cost is the time it takes to write and post and take the photos, tweets, and posts. These costs can range from next to nothing to a huge expense, depending on how you approach your content creation. Considering that anywhere you would advertise you’d need artwork or some form of promotional content, the cost to generate content on social media are table stakes. The clear advantage social media offers over other […]

Unfollow apps are key to managing social media audiences. Today we rate and discuss a slate of free products available to follow and unfollow people. You are gonna absolutely love one of these tips. When Twitter accounts grow to around 3,000 followers, it becomes necessary to use some sort of software to manage the audience. Today we look at the most popular free versions of unfollow apps. Specifically, Tweepi, Crowdfire, Manageflitter and Unfollowspy. We have used these unfollow apps across multiple social media accounts so that you can get a good feel for what the pros and cons of each app are. As professional social media managers we need third-party unfollow apps because Twitter does not have the functionality within […]

5 years ago, droves of advertisers started funneling newspaper and TV budgets into digital channels. Now the money is flowing to social. >> Spending on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook marketing continues to accelerate as mobile adoption and time spent with digital increases << It makes sense to shift your marketing dollars to where people are actually spending time. And more people are spending more time with social. A lot more time: 30% according to this study from March 2017.     Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends 2017 report has three very interesting charts: Source: KPBC Internet Trends 2017   Yes, Internet ad spending will surpass television. Wow, right?   Source: KPBC Internet Trends 2017 Driving this growth in internet ad […]

You can make Buffer loop endlessly so you can go on vacation for a few days. Double rainbow! How to make Buffer loop endlessly. Look, one of the massive advantages that Buffer has over Hootsuite is that Buffer works with a program called IFTTT. Hootsuite doesn’t. If you haven’t heard of IFTTT, we’ll give you a minute. Now go put your big girl pants on. Finished? Cool. IFTTT is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) website that lets apps like Buffer talk to other things. Like security systems and lightbulbs and clock radios and gmail and…Twitter! My colleagues are saying right now “are you crazy? Why are you giving away one of the best kept secrets in the business?” And to them I […]

Buffer vs. Hootsuite vs. Buffer By Steve Yanor @skyalphabet vol. 002 Update: Buffer is declared the winner by TKO because Hootsuite often does not include a picture when you autoschedule Tweets (Buffer is a tad bit smarter). Two of Twitter’s Favourite Free Scheduling Apps Go Head to Head. Once you get serious about Twitter it becomes obvious that you’ll need some sort of scheduling App. It’s called autoscheduling: How else are you going to Tweet while you sleep?​ Thankfully there are two heavyweight apps that do exactly that (and more): Buffer and Hootsuite.  Both of these applications are excellent at scheduling Tweets and sending them on a pre-determined (“custom scheduled”) or “auto-scheduled” basis. Hootsuite’s scheduling interface (mobile app) At one time Hootsuite […]

Interview with the king of Twitter: Sam Hurley Sam Hurley @Sam___Hurley    FOLLOWERS: 141k In this exclusive interview with Sam Hurley, the King of Twitter reveals his secrets to growing your Twitter account.  Most pro social media marketers who operate on Twitter know Sam Hurley. Many have retweeted him at one time or another. His tweets cover the range of digital marketing topics: anything from driving traffic to your blog, to SEO to making a great landing page.  As a content aggregator Mr. Hurley is without rival; you won’t find quotes from people you’ve never heard of filling Sam’s tweetstream. Nope, Sam Hurley is all about digital marketing. And that’s why hundreds of thousands switch to the world’s most active Twitter channel each and every day. In the […]