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Sky Alphabet - a Global Social Media Awards Finalist in 2023

Social Media Campaign Services

Global capital markets are intensely competitive. Your social media accounts are on the front line. The buy-side recognizes that the social media activities of a given issuer is a fairly reliable proxy for management's desire to communicate current and future growth prospects.

From pure media buying to creative production to turnkey solutions, we offers solutions for all budgets and issuers.

Social Media Campaigns – Turnkey

There are a lot of different reasons to run a social campaign, but let's just say PDAC is coming up. You want to eclipse your peers. This year, you plan on releasing news ahead of time so that you've got something differentiated to talk about.

Here's what a campaign might look like:

  • 1.5 M impressions on social media of your pre-PDAC messaging (video interviews and social media posts in the 10 days leading up to the conference)
  • 1.5 M impressions on social media during PDAC (video Q&A and social media posts over 3 days)
  • Impressions and views will appear in your own social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and are verifiably auditable. Our competition runs campaigns from their own social media accounts and very often alongside other mining companies. In our opinion, this is not at all desirable.

Based on your budget, we will build a campaign that is guaranteed to deliver on key metrics.

• Impressions
• Video Views
• Followers

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Media Buying
for Social Media

Some issuers have their own content teams. But there aren't many that have in-house media buying. That's where Sky Alphabet comes in.

We execute media buys across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook so that your posts get seen by the right people: institutional investors on LinkedIn and discrete investor segments on Twitter. This is a great way to get exposure. As a side benefit it also builds your audience (you will attract new followers).

You set the budget. We'll execute (place) and track the social media buy. Your Tweets and posts will be labeled as "promoted" which satisfies disclosure requirements. Available for your corporate social media accounts:

  • Twitter account
  • LinkedIn account
  • Facebook account

Typical levels:

100,000 impressions
10,000 video views

25 new followers

300,000 impressions
30,000 video views
100 new followers

1 million impressions
50,000 video views
300 new followers

Creative Production for Social Media

You've got a great story and a CEO or IRO to tell it. All you need is someone is to help you script it, record it, edit and post it to your social accounts.

We have you covered. If you are lucky enough to live in Vancouver, we'll even come by your office and film you. It's a great service.

We've won many awards for our creative campaigns. We focus on a few areas:

  • Moving your corporate deck to social media
  • Filming, transcribing and producing 2 minute segments of your CEO for playback on Twitter and LinkedIn. Don't send people to YouTube.
  • Animating the graphics in your news releases so your drill results and other material information can be immediately understood.

We also create detailed content calendars based on your filings.

You can add this service with media buying (previous column) to ensure that whatever you create gets seen.


Creative production is measured in billable hours. Give us your budget and we'll make it work.

3,2,1... Engage!

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How long does it take to start Tweeting?

We can start tweeting from your account within a few hours of receiving executed contracts. The contracts are provided upon request at the time the proposal is sent. We have seen turnarounds in less than 24 hours. For referral business that demands a crisis response (ie short seller attacks), we start Tweeting within 15 minutes.

What's included?

We manage as many social media accounts as you retain us to manage on your behalf. This includes Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and StockTwits. There are are other "alternative" social platforms that are also available including InvestorsHub (iHub), Yahoo Finance,, and SeekingAlpha.

What does "social media management" mean?

When we "manage" social media accounts, that means we take full responsibility for what happens in, on, and around the accounts that we have been retained to manage. This means that we are responsible for creating and posting content in a timely manner; that we are responsible for monitoring the performance and other benchmarks of the account(s), and that we are responsible for identifying and responding to threats, including false rumours and baseless attacks. As part of our social media management function, we also define and execute social media strategy as applicable with other members of the working group, which may include PR, IR or Investment Banking teams as applicable and as defined under our contract. Read more.

Do we guarantee success?

There are no guarantees. Any social media agency or digital marketing vendor making promises about share price or volume gains should, in our opinion, be avoided. Although such gains may be likely or even highly likely, there are too many external factors for it to be appropriate to state such claims. We execute social media strategies with a view to creating long-term value. We are focused on building and attracting an audience over time. On average, this can take three to six months or longer. It all depends.

What else do I need to know?

There are some digital marketing vendors that we will not partner with. These are vendors that we consider to be "toxic" because they accept shares as payment and work against the common goal of building volume and shareholder value. Instead, they sell into strength, crippling the company until their shares are 100% sold. We avoid these companies like the plague and you should, too.


Prepare for lift off.


Social Media Packages

Every company is different. That's why we have packages for all shapes and sizes. There's bound to be something that works for your situation. We can bill you hourly or monthly.

Discovery Package

You're probably an NSYE, NASDAQ, or TSX listed company. You need to do strengthen your social media presence.

  • Award-winning production
  • Award-winning social media strategy
  • Active monitoring of Twitter
  • Posting on Twitter up to 3x per week
  • Follower growth
  • Social trader networking

From $50/hour

Commander Package

You've got eyes on you. Maybe you're uplisting. You're poised for a breakout. You're getting demands to be more active on social media.

  • Award-winning production
  • Award-winning social media strategy
  • Active monitoring of Twitter and 1 other platform
  • Posting on Twitter minimum 10x per month
  • Follower growth
  • Social trader networking