Public company social media is its own special breed of communications. It requires delicate handling. Unique expertise. Public company social media requires the seasoned touch of Sky Alphabet Social Media.

Public company social media is too important to risk

Public company communications demand high levels of experience. With so many stakeholders engaged with the external communications issued by public companies, strict communication standards and procedures are a must. At a minimum, social media managers handling the dissemination of public company commuications over social media must have an investor relations and corporate communications background.

For your public company social media, use only seasoned professionals to ensure that errant disclosures and mistakes don’t happen on your watch.

With social media becoming mandatory for public companies, more TSX-listed companies in the Canadian resource, energy, financial services and technology sectors are relying on social media to strengthen liquidity and awareness.

With the buy-side on social media, the entire investment community continues to shift where the audience is.

But social media carries well-known risks: what if a social media manager at an agency you hire posts something inappropriate or, worse yet, from someone else’s account? What if the wrong version of the press release is posted? What if (heaven forbid) a release goes out before it is approved? Nightmare on your street.

Reputations take years to build and only seconds to destroy. Don’t trust your public company social media to anyone else but Sky Alphabet Social Media

Any number of scenarios present a nightmare for the CFO, IRO or VP of marketing who must explain the rogue tweet or social media post to colleagues and senior executives. Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risk. Don’t suffer the consequences brought on by inexperience or lack of focus.

We put $45 billion in transaction experience to work for you

We have over a decade of experience working with investment bankers on complex, mult-tranche international transactions. From marquee IPOs to record-smashing leveraged buyouts by the largest private equity firms in the world, we bring disciplined and rigorous communications process to every social media posting. We value the integrity of every turn involved with a working group message and the confidentiality of the chain of communications.

Behind every post is disciplined execution

Social media is serious business. We are the first to appreciate its strength as a flexible branded channel and its power as a highly influential segment of a customer’s path to enlightenment.

Call or reach out to learn more about our services for public company social media. Rest assured you will be in the most experienced hands with Sky Alphabet.



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