Delightful Customer Experience

We’re all about delivering the perfect experience for your future and current customers. Using our soft-talking social skills, we’ll turn anonymous visitors into dependable fans, one social visit at a time. Whether it’s communicating by direct message (DM) or on a timeline, we’ve got the experience to ensure you look your best.

Social SEO

We are a pioneer of this red-hot segment of search engine optimization (SEO). We discovered early on that social media impacts search results. And then we refined the approach. We know exactly how to improve your search visibility using low-cost social media.

Audience Development

It’s time to build your fan base. And your recurring revenue. Using software we built from scratch, we find the people who matter most to building your brand.

Content Marketing

We provide the full range of content marketing solutions for business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and business to investor (IR) communications.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the perfect complement to social media. But first, here’s what ‘content marketing’ means:

Content marketing is content that gets read, watched, seen or heard by a specific audience for a specific purpose. 

Content marketing can be anything from a 2000 word article (our favourite) to a quiz, webinar, slideshow, e-book, e-mail, podcast, or infographic. In short, it can be anything. As long as the content provides the information people need, it qualifies as content marketing.

Here’s a typical example.

Let’s say a client (who is an ISP) says “we want to sell more hosting packages.” Great. Our recommendation is to use social media with content marketing to convince people who might be interested in changing their current hosting provider (ie GoDaddy) to switch.

A lot of our marketing solutions involve combining social media with content marketing.

To unpack that, we use the distribution capability of social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Medium) to spread an article about how to switch from GoDaddy.

Again: we combine content distribution (social media) with actual content (content marketing).

The content marketing part of the equation involves the stuff that is published or connected to social media. Specifically, the content marketing is what gets linked from social media. In the case of our ISP who is looking to pursuade people switch from GoDaddy, the content we create consists of:

  1. An in-depth article about why we switched from GoDaddy and how we did it.
  2. A landing page (see below) from the article so that people don’t find themselves on a generic page after being convinced to switch
  3. Other material that answers questions that people have about switching.

Just to show how this works, here’s a tweet that includes a link to the article:

[insert tweet]

This tweet leads to an article on Medium. Other versions of this tweet lead to websites and other places where the article exists:

[insert LinkedIn screenshot]

This link is the same article published on LinkedIn which has an audience of millions.

All roads from social media must lead to a landing page

One of the most important parts of the content marketing process is to guide people to a final destination. This is where they can make a decision.

This is why all of the outbound links from all the articles we distributed on social media lead to a landing page. In this case, people are guided to the website of our client, an alternative to GoDaddy.

If we’ve done our job correctly, the campaign will trigger a wave of defections from GoDaddy. People will eventually land on our client’s site where they can start the process of switching from GoDaddy.

Our content marketing capabilities unlock opportunities

To make important decisions people need information. By creating content to help people make an informed decision, you are making their decision-making process easier. Give the people what they want. Give them well-balanced, well-presented informative content.

White Label Management

We manage and operate social media accounts. We can manage all of your social media accounts or just one. Such as the corporate Twitter account you’ve been ignoring because your CEO operates a larger one.

Tactical Creative

Whether it’s Saint Patrick’s Day or #InternationalCatDay, there always an opportunity to engage audiences in ways that no one else is trying.

Digital Marketing

Our experience with investor relations, branding and advertising give us a unique perspective. Our ability to formulate strategy delivers results that gets noticed on digital platforms.

Reputation Control

Social media is one of the best ways to manage and control the reputation of an individual, company or brand. We’ve got the ability to defend, protect and manage any public entity through advanced social media and content marketing.

Paid Media Optimization

We work with the leading real-time bidding platform in Canada to deliver digital campaigns for any audience at the best value. With full monthly KPI reporting and transparency, you’ll know you’re getting what you paid for.

We take social media management to another level

We offer a comprehensive range of social media services. Our goal is to provide you with the social media services that you need to be as successful as possible. This often requires full graphics and content creation and production, including design and optimization for the various social media platforms.

Facebook has distinct creative requirements from Twitter or Instagram and each requires a slightly different approach.

Our experience with launching more than thirrty companies into North American capital markets (TSX, NYSE, Nasdaq) gives us unique perspective into what makes emerging companies successful. Much of the success depends on the timing, quality and amount of disclosure. We plan and incorporate best practices into our social media strategies and communications so that accounts develop with strength, quickly.

Please call or reach out to us any time to discuss your needs (604) 710-1105 or