Social Media Business Award: 2021 Canadian Hashtag Awards

The most diverse panel of jurors a Canadian marketing award show has ever seen recognized Sky Alphabet as the winner of the “Best Use of Social Media (Business) Award. The awards took place virtually on March 5, 2021 as part of the popular two day “Social At Home” Conference. With more than half of the panel comprised of women and representation from the entire BIPOC community, Sky Alphabet was honoured to accept the “Best Use of Social Media” for a business campaign at the 2021 Hashtag Awards. In September 2020, we were awarded the Best Use of Social Media in a Search Campaign at The Canadian Search Awards. Best Use of Social Media (Business) On March 5, 2021, Sky Alphabet Social Media of Vancouver, BC became the first social media agency in Canada to win a Hashtag Award. Our campaign won for “Best Use of Social Media” for business. This was the fourth year the awards have been hosted in Canada. The entire world (including us) watched the event in real time. Sky Alphabet’s winning campaign consisted of a 100 day organic social campaign. More than ninety posts engaged Twitter users and the automated stock-trading algorithms that scour Twitter seeking profitable trading opportunities. The Award-Winning Social Media Strategy The pandemic has created a nation of day traders. Traders love active social feeds, so Sky Alphabet tapped into this community by generating quality content that would be consumed by both algorithms and day traders. To activate stock-trading algorithms for our mining client, we built a Twitter campaign around insights gained from analyzing how stock-trading algorithms interact with social accounts. We sampled 112 Twitter accounts across a range of sectors, all publicly-traded on a North American stock exchange. Based on the findings, we designed a campaign that ran for 100 days. The client was a billion-dollar public company newly listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Even though this client had only been listed on the TSX for a few months and had released very little new news, the campaign helped to generate more than $310 million in sales of equity securities (stock). It is worth mentioning this campaign was completely organic and used no paid strategies. The Results The campaign generated 19% more daily trading volume on the days with tweets. At the start of the campaign the company‚Äôs shares were $6.31, by the end, the shares traded at $8.34. Not all days had Tweets. But, days with Tweets were almost twice as likely (1.9x) to end positively than days without Tweets. What is fascinating is that the closest comparable ETF returned negative 11.3% during the same period. This campaign also had enormously high engagement rates. Compared to the prior 3 month period, engagement was up 6.8x with many of the tweets returning 6%+ engagement rates. You can read about our 2020 winning entry here. Related: Feb 2019 Marketing Excellence Award for Best Social Media.