When it comes to choosing one business (or stock) over another, social media is the number one differentiator. More important than a world class website. Or community involvement.

When it comes to choosing one business (or stock) over another, social media is the number one differentiator. More important than a world class website. Or community involvement.

Target the ideal audience

Compared to other forms of media, social media marketing is highly efficient.

Build brand awareness

and make connections with stakeholders and customers.

Know what you’re spending

We don’t give surprises. You’ll get full transparency and a 100% money back guarantee.

When it comes to choosing one business (or stock) over another, social media is the number one differentiator. More important than a world class website. Or community involvement. Looking for corporate social media strategy or social media investor relations? For information about the services and pricing social media marketing Vancouver brands need, keep reading.

Award-winning corporate social media

We’re the social media agency with corporate social media awards in 2023, 2021, 2020 and 2019.

If you work with us, you’re working with one of the best.

Paid Social Media Platforms

As a corporate social media agency in Vancouver, we focus on social networks where investors are.

For corporate and government clients, we run paid advertising campaigns across the major social networks including Instagram, Twitter, Stocktwits, LinkedIn and Reddit.

National paid advertising campaigns (i.e. running Instagram or LinkedIn ads in the USA or Canada) starts at $1,500/month plus creative.

Organic Social Media Platforms

We’ll execute your social media marketing plan. If you don’t have one, we’ll write it for you.

We also write, produce and manage content appearing on social media networks where organic content is displayed. Organic social media starts at $1,500/month, but can run into the thousands for special purpose and strategic campaigns.

Where investor relations and social media intersect

For social media marketing Canadian businesses rely on every day of the year, trust Sky Alphabet.

Price List for Social Media Services

We include the pricing for all of our social media services, including all types of paid social campaigns, social media marketing and “one-time” social media services, including social media marketing strategy. These items are usually combined.

Paid Social Media CampaignsMonthly *
Instagram Stories – Full Screen with Button$2,000
Instagram In-Feed – Square Format with Link$2,000
Twitter Follower Campaigns$2,000
LinkedIn Ads – Sponsored Posts, Featured Content$2,000
Spotify Digital Audio Campaigns$2,000
Twitter promoted tweets$2,000

* Starting monthly cost. Exact costs must be determined on a case-by-case basis. Digital and social media buys must include a written estimate which may only be available to qualified applicants.

Organic Social Media ServicesMonthly*
Social media management$1,500
Social SEO$1,500
Social media content calendar$1,500
Social media listening$1,500
Audience development$1,500


* Starting monthly cost. Exact costs must be determined on a case-by-case basis. Digital and social media buys will only be executed with an approved estimate which is only available to qualified applicants.

Strategic Social Media ServicesOne-Time Cost*
Social media marketing plans$1,750
Social media ad buy placement$2,250
Social media ad creative$750 / ad
Social media campaign pilot design for testing$1,600
Messaging strategy$1,500
Social media audit$2,500


* Prices are estimates and can only be determined as final through a comprehensive examination of the competitive situation and marketing objectives. We do not undertake an examination for all companies.

We are a highly reliable and proven supplier of social media marketing services

We offer a full range of social media services to solve any marketing or business objective: it just depends what you are trying to achieve.

Our social media services involve eight social media networks.

If it involves social media, we do it.

We run ads on Instagram, Stocktwits, LinkedIn, Spotify, Snapchat and Twitter. Reddit is also (newly) available.

We also offer award-winning social media content services for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Spotify and Reddit.

Do you have a social media platform or content request? Let us know.

social media and investor relations

Social marketing is about communicating positively and consistently.

Our services: organic social media, paid social ads and SEO.

Organic Social Media

Organic social media is delivered the way social media was meant to be delivered: without ads.

Many people dislike seeing ads in their social media feed and will click mute to ignore them. This is why ads need to be done well and not appear too often.

As low as $600 per month

social media for OTC companies

How It Works

Our organic social media services require us to be active every day in your social media accounts.

We use social media software to schedule your posts every day and then we make sure (at the very least) we’re not missing any mentions from your target audience. We do this on a timely basis.

Many brands prefer to grow their audiences organically and use paid ads for tactical support around holidays and special events.

Social Media Management

We manage your social media accounts so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

This means we are active in your accounts every day, seven days a week.

We post on your behalf, respond to direct messages and comments, and defend against unwanted activity that occurs from time to time.

Our social media management services includes audience development – essential to growing your influence.

Social Media Campaigns

We pioneered the "micro-campaign." Instead of running one month-long campaign on Twitter, we found that running up to a hundred overlapping campaigns during the month yields better results.

We plan, execute and optimize social media campaigns. We provide reporting on those campaigns on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Social Media Calendar

Execute social media like a pro. Build a messaging and integrated campaign strategy around a formal calendar of events. This will focus your messaging and you won’t miss an important date.

By identifying media and creative requirements ahead of time, you’ll put your best foot forward when the day arrives.

Social Media Listening

One of the great benefits of social media is a brand can listen to everything happening on social. And then they can act (or not) on the information.

Social listening provides a strategic advantage because not only are we listening for brand mentions, we are listening for opportunities to insert ourselves into ongoing conversations.

We use a variety of engagement techniques that range from low to high impact. Liking someone’s posts is low impact while making a comment would be considered high impact.

Audience Development

Every leader has followers. That’s why we offer organic audience development for Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Our audience development activities involve a combination of AI and manual analysis so that we can match the appropriate people to your brand and its goals.

We do not offer “mass followers” or “instant followers.”

Social Media Pilots

Want to test a social media campaign before dropping the big bucks? Good idea. Our social media pilot program will help you work the kinks out.

Test any aspect of a social media strategy to your heart’s content, including messaging, graphics, audience, and conversion factors.

Social media is a cost effective and powerful form of marketing. It can take time, but you will develop an audience that is yours forever. This is especially true for Twitter.