Connect with the perfect audience

Target a unique audience
Compared to other forms of media, you can reach very specific audience with social media

Connect creatively
There are a vast number of wonderful ways to make connections with stakeholders and customers.

Know what you’re spending
We don’t give surprises. You’ll get full transparency and a 100% money back guarantee.

For social media marketing Canadian businesses rely on every day of the year, trust Sky Alphabet.

Social Media is about communicating positively and consistently.

We are a highly reliable and proven supplier of social media marketing services.

We offer a full range of social media services to solve any marketing or business objective: it just depends what the objectives are.

Our social media services involve eight social media networks. Our primary networks are Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. Google My Business is highly underrated but is fantastic for visibility.

We also offer social media management for Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Reddit.

Twitter and Instagram use is up with Fortune 500 companies.

Source: eMarketer Nov 2018
Twitter and Instagram continue to make gains with B2B marketers

We offer three types of services:
organic social media, paid social and SEO.

Organic social media refers to social media that does not involve paying Facebook or Instagram to run ads. Some people swear by organic social media, others think paid social is the only way to go.

Social media is known for its ability to target specific audiences. We leverage this strength with great creative to deliver paid advertising campaigns over social media networks.

Businesses that have invested in social media ads are more than twice as likely to report that social media marketing is “very effective”.

Organic Social Media

Organic social media is delivered the way social media was meant to be delivered: without ads. A lot of people dislike seeing ads in their social media feed and will click mute to ignore them.

As low as $600 per month

How It Works

Our organic social media services require us to be active every day in your social media accounts. We use social media software to schedule your posts every day and then we make sure (at the very least) we’re not missing any mentions from your target audience. We do this on a timely basis.

Many brands prefer to grow their audiences organically and use paid ads for tactical support around holidays and special events.

Social Media Management

We manage your social media accounts so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

This means we are active in your accounts every day, seven days a week.

We post on your behalf, respond to direct messages and comments, and defend against unwanted trolls that show up from time to time.

Our social media management services includes audience development – essential to growing your influence.

Social SEO

We are a pioneer of a recent offshoot of traditional search engine optimization (SEO). Social SEO involves taking advantage of Google’s recent “Google My Business” posting feature.

We write and post content for search engines that are shared to your Google search result. These links may include a landing page or a variety of ranking-friendly content.

Editorial Calendar
(6 months)

Execute social media like a pro. Build a messaging and integrated campaign strategy around a formal calendar of events. This will focus your messaging and you won’t miss an important date.

By identifying media and creative requirements ahead of time, you’ll put your best foot forward when the day arrives.

Social Listening

One of the great benefits of social media is a brand can listen to everything happening on social. And then they can act (or not) on the information.

Social listening provides a strategic advantage because not only are we listening for brand mentions, we are listening for opportunities to insert ourselves into ongoing conversations.

We use a variety of engagement techniques that range from low to high impact. Liking someone’s posts is low impact while making a comment would be considered high impact.

Audience Development

Every leader has followers. That’s why we offer organic audience development for Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Our audience development activities involve a combination of AI and manual analysis so that we can match the appropriate people to your brand and its goals.

We do not offer “mass followers” or “instant followers.”

Social Media Pilots
As low as $400/month

Want to test a social media campaign before dropping the big bucks? Good idea. Our social media pilot program will help you work the kinks out.

Test any aspect of a social media strategy to your heart’s content, including messaging, graphics, audience, and conversion factors.

Social media is a cost effective and powerful form of marketing. It can take time, but as you participate on various channels without running ads you develop an audience that is yours forever. This is especially true for Twitter. Please call or contact us for more information.

Paid Social Media (aka “Paid Social”)

Social media is unrivalled in its ability to reach a highly targeted audience. We combine these strengths with great creative to deliver paid advertising campaigns over social media networks.

Businesses that have invested in social media ads are more than twice as likely to report that social media marketing is “very effective”.

Instagram Ads (BC only) – Media Cost $1,500
Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks. If you’ve got great photography that feature amazing products and people, Instagram is the place to show your stuff and build your brand. You can include Facebook with this.

Instagram ads and Instagram TV special 750 per month

5. Instagram Ads (BC only) – Media Cost $1,500
Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks. If you’ve got great photography that feature amazing products and people, Instagram is the place to show your stuff and build your brand. You can include Facebook with this.

6. Twitter Ads (BC only) – Media Cost $1,000
Twitter is a great place for BC brands because there isn’t a whole lot of competition. We’ll tell your story to drive clicks and awareness about your brand.

7. Creation of Ads for Social Media $200 each ad
We’ll work with you to develop graphics that you can run on social media – either in your own feed (organic) or as a paid ad.

Social Media packages by sky alphabet

8. Social Media Audit $750
If you’re a large organization or have recently undergone changes, chances are you need this. We’ll write a report on your industry and your peer group so that we can make data-driven recommendations on how best to proceed. Some of the best money you’ll ever spend.

9. Influencer Campaign Planning $1,000
We plan and execute influencer campaigns to give brands the awareness they deserve. We’ll use our relationships with influencers domestically and abroad to find the right people to engage your target audience. As a social media marketing consultancy, we are capable of bringing celebrities and well known digital marketers to lead or support our creative social media and content marketing campaigns. This fee excludes influencer fees. These fees vary widely.


SECTION THREE: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is the mother of all shortcuts to getting people to find you. To produce search results, Google uses an algorithm (RankBrain) that even they don’t fully understand, but what they do understand is code about your website and social media properties that communicates directly with RankBrain.

10. On-Page Technical SEO: $500 – $1,500 per month
We’ll put schema and other types of HTML tags on your site so that Google knows what kind of awesome company it’s dealing with, and will rank you accordingly because you’ve taken the time to communicate in a way it understands. Works like a charm. If you can find this cheaper anywhere else, go for it! This is ranged because it really depends on what’s already been done, what has to be undone, or how competitive the category is.

Vancouver SEO service ranges from $400-$1500

11. Google My Business Registration and Posting — $250 per month
(New from Google) As a local business, one of the most important marketing priorities is to register your business with Google. Over time, Google will deliver more customers to you than any other network. This is because people Google things such as your business. We’ll connect your business with Google and make sure you stay connected for opportunities by posting directly to your Google Profile.

12. Google Analytics for Re-Marketing — $250 per month
Ever wanted to know who is visiting your website? We’ll set up a lead capturing program that tracks people who have engaged with your website so that we can re-target them across a variety of media (video, display) at a future date with Google Ads (extra).

We have helped launch more than twenty companies into North American capital markets (TSX, NYSE, Nasdaq). This experience has given us unique perspective into what makes emerging companies successful. We believe that a substantial component of a company’s success is the quality, timing and amount of disclosure it provides to external audiences, including those on social media.

We plan and incorporate best practices into our social media strategies and communications so that accounts develop with strength, quickly.

When it comes to social media services it is important to remember that every social media network is different. The one aspect that all networks share is that of the audience. It is important to develop and nurture an audience.

Please call or reach out to us any time to discuss your needs (778) 814-7800 or

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