Audience Development

Look: the best thing about social media is that you own your own audience. It’s the best thing ever! So let’s build your fan base. And your recurring revenue. We find the people who matter most to build your brand with software we coded from scratch.

Social Media SEO

Social media SEO is huge. We are a pioneer of this red-hot segment of search engine optimization (SEO). We discovered that social media influences search results much more than is reported. So we refined the approach. We know exactly how to improve your search visibility using low-cost social media combined with SEO. It works great. This is our secret sauce so we don’t like to talk about it. But trust us, it is saucy.

Content Marketing

We provide the full range of content marketing solutions for business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and business to investor (IR) communications.

Digital Marketing

Our experience with investor relations, branding and advertising informs our perspective, which we believe is differentiated. Our ability to formulate and delivery comprehensive strategy across social, digital and traditional media channels provides our clients with a distinct competitive advantage.

Social Media Management

We manage and operate social media accounts across 8 different platforms. We Tweet and post a vast range of content so you can focus on what you do best. Leave the posting to us. We’ll also proactively manage your audience so that your influence grows and grows.

Paid Media Optimization

We work with the leading real-time bidding platform in Canada to deliver digital campaigns for any audience at the best value. With full monthly KPI reporting and transparency, you’ll know you’re getting what you paid for.

For social media marketing Vancouver businesses and brands rely on – day in and day out – trust Sky Alphabet Social Media. We’re the social media experts you’ve been looking for. Social media is all we do, all day every day. We love social media and have the social media services to prove it.

Our social media services involve eight social media networks including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, Google Plus and Wikipedia.

Social Media Marketing Services for BC Brands

We have five separate sections of services. The first two are social media services divided by paid and organic. Let’s start with the organic (non-paid advertising) first.

Section 1 of 5: Social Media Services – Organic – No paid ads

These social media services are delivered the way social media was meant to be delivered: without ads. To do this we are active every day in your social media accounts. We use social media software tools to ensure you make an impression with your target audience.

Organic social media is the route the majority of our clients take. That’s because people don’t like ads unless they are great ads. See section two for our paid social media services.

1. Social Media Management 
We manage all of your social media accounts so you don’t have to worry about a thing. This means we are active in your accounts every day, seven days a week. We post on your behalf, respond to direct messages and comments, and fend off the nasty trolls that show up from time to time. Our social media management services include audience development – essential to growing your influence.

We manage Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Other platforms are available upon request.

2. Social Media SEO
We are a pioneer of a recent offshoot of traditional search engine optimization (SEO). Social SEO involves taking advantage of Google’s newly refreshed (April 2018) Google My Business and Google Plus platforms.

We write and post content with links that lead to a landing page with lots of useful information and options – including “Buy Now”.

3. Editorial Calendar (6 months)
Execute social media like a pro and build a messaging and integrated campaign strategy around a calendar of events. Not only will this maximize your ability to develop your messaging, you’ll be sure not to miss an important date. By identifying media and creative requirements ahead of time, you’ll have the best chance to put your best foot forward when the time comes.

4. Social Listening
One of the great benefits of social media is a brand can listen to everything that is happening and then act (or not) on the information. Social listening provides a strategic advantage because not only are we listening for brand mentions, we are listening for opportunities to insert ourselves into ongoing conversarions, with low to high impact engagement techniques (liking is low, commenting is high).

Social media is a cost effective and powerful form of marketing. It can take time, but as you participate on various channels without running ads, you develop an audience that you own forever. This is especially true for Twitter. Please call or contact us for pricing.

Section 2 of 5: Social Media Services – Paid advertising

Social media is unrivalled in its ability to reach a highly targeted audience. We combine these strengths with spot-on creative to deliver paid advertising campaigns over social media networks. Businesses that have invested in social media ads are more than twice as likely to report that social media marketing is “very effective”.

5. Instagram Ads (BC only) – Media Cost $1,500
Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks. If you’ve got great photography that feature amazing products and people, Instagram is the place to show your stuff and build your brand. You can include Facebook with this.

6. Twitter Ads (BC only) – Media Cost $1,000
Twitter is a great place for BC brands because there isn’t a whole lot of competition. We’ll tell your story to drive clicks and awareness about your brand.

7. Creation of Ads for Social Media $500 each ad
We’ll work with you to develop graphics that you can run on social media – either in your own feed (organic) or as a paid ad.

8. Social Media Audit $750
If you’re a large organization or have recently undergone changes, chances are you need this. We’ll write a report on your industry and your peer group so that we can make data-driven recommendations on how best to proceed. Some of the best money you’ll ever spend.

9. Influencer Campaign Planning $2,000
We will plan an execute an influencer campaign to give your brand the profile it deserves. We’ll use our relationships with influencers domestically and abroad as few agencies can. As a social media marketing consultancy, we are capable of bringing celebrities and well known digital marketers to lead or support our creative social media and content marketing campaigns. This fee excludes influencer fees. These fees vary widely.



Social media services by Sky Alphabet Social Media Vancouver

Section 3 of 5: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is the mother of all shortcuts to getting people to find you. To produce search results, Google uses an algorithm (RankBrain) that even they don’t fully understand, but what they do understand is code about your website and social media properties that communicates directly with RankBrain.

10. On-Page Technical SEO 
We’ll put schema and other types of HTML tags on your site so that Google knows what kind of awesome company it’s dealing with, and will rank you accordingly because you’ve taken the time to communicate in a way it understands. Works like a charm. If you can find this cheaper anywhere else,
go for it!

11. Google My Business Registration and Posting 
(New from Google) As a local business, one of the most important marketing priorities is to register your business with Google. Over time, Google will deliver more customers to you than any other network. This is because people Google stuff. We’ll connect your business with Google and make sure you stay connected for opportunities by posting directly to your Google Profile.

12. Google Analytics for Re-Marketing 
Ever wanted to know who is visiting your website? We’ll set up a lead capturing program that tracks people who have engaged with your website so that we can re-target them across a variety of media (video, display) at a future date with Google Ads (extra).


Section 4 of 5: Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is a fantastic bolt-on to social media. It does not work very well the other way around. We use tactical digital marketing services to round out what we are trying to achieve with social media.

13. “Phone Call Only” ads $800
These are our favourite kind of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads because you know you’re not getting defrauded. These ads are triggered by Google searches. For example, if someone is searching for a competitor’s name your phone call ad will pop up. We work with you to determine what searches should trigger your phone call ads.

14. Content Marketing $1,000
To really get an edge on bigger, more established players use the power of content marketing. We’ll write long articles about your business and products that show up in search results.

From an in-depth interview with management (excellent for investors) to a comprehensive description of your story, the equity in your brand grows as your story appears on websites around the internet. What’s more, because these articles link back to your website, they increase the authority of your brand. This may improve your search rankings and will position your company in the way you want to be positioned. If you’re not actively positioning your company someone else might be doing it for you, so let’s avoid that.

15. Programmatic Audio (BC Only) $1,500
“Sonic branding” using Spotify and other streaming music services (including podcasts) is an excellent way to reach specific target audiences. We can produce pleasant six second spots that people like. There are many advantages to these ads: they are non-skippable, one-to-one, and people are usually in a good mood when they listen to music, so the connection of the brand is enhanced.
We can also test different ads to different audiences. A 45 year old male listening to ‘The Velvet Underground’ can be served a different ad than a 26 year old female listening to ‘Bruno Mars.’ As the relationship with various audiences develops over time, this level of customization is key to converting at higher rates.

16. YouTube ads (BC only) $1,250
Some people hate YouTube ads. But if you have a video to show and the first 3 seconds is really good, we can use YouTube as a way to find an audience that would otherwise be hard to find. Creative production is extra.


Section 5 of 5: Traditional Advertising Services

If you’ve got the budget, nothing says new school like old school. Run some spots on 60 Minutes or buy a billboard outside the office of the VC firm you’re courting. Your neighbours will think you hit the big time. Because you have.

17. Transit Shelter Ads or Bus Ads $1,200
One some routes and neighbourhoods purchasing
a transit shelter or the side or back of a bus can provide
good ongoing awareness and in some cases can generate leads.

18. Ads in Elevators – Downtown Vancouver $800
The most captive audience imaginable. Great for some businesses, especially during the holidays. These repeat impressions drive interest in things that people who live and work downtown need: drinks, food and entertainment.

19. Television Ads – CHEK TV $5,000
Chek TV is the Island’s own but it spills into Vancouver. Lots of people watch it and it’s not that expensive. We can also run ads on all sorts of other networks. Production is extra, but if you have a YouTube ad we can convert it.

20. Billboards $2,000
Touchpoints are a brand marketer’s secret weapon. The more the better.
Enhance your social campaign with a billboard in a high traffic area and watch your sales soar.


We have helped launch more than twenty companies into North American capital markets (TSX, NYSE, Nasdaq). This experience has given us unique perspective into what makes emerging companies successful. We believe that a substantial component of a company’s success is the quality, timing and amount of disclosure it provides to external audiences, including those on social media.

We plan and incorporate best practices into our social media strategies and communications so that accounts develop with strength, quickly.

When it comes to social media services it is important to remember that every social media network is different. The one aspect that all networks share is that of the audience. It is important to develop and nurture an audience.

Please call or reach out to us any time to discuss your needs (778) 814-7800 or

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