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Experienced Content Marketing For Achieving Business Objectives

Press releases aren’t as effective as they once were. The remedy? Content marketing combined with social media.

Content marketing is the perfect complement to social media. It’s important because there are many touchpoints on a typical prospect’s research path. People will research your product or service. They will search social media and Google to find out more about you. You are expected to provide them with the information they need along their journey. If you do not provide the information they will get it elsewhere from sources that are not within your control. Content marketing provides the information people need.

To elaborate on what ‘content marketing’ means:

Content marketing is content that gets read, watched, seen or heard by a specific audience for a specific purpose.  In short, it can be anything.

Content marketing can be anything from a 2,000 word article (our favourite) to a quiz, webinar, slideshow, e-book, e-mail, podcast, or infographic. As long as the content provides the information people need, it qualifies as content marketing.

An Example of Content Marketing

Let’s say a client (who is an ISP) says “we want to sell more hosting packages.” Great. Our recommendation is to use social media with content marketing to convince people who might be interested in changing their current hosting provider (ie GoDaddy) to switch.

A lot of our marketing solutions involve combining social media with content marketing.

To unpack that, we use the distribution capability of social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Medium) to spread an article about how to switch from GoDaddy.

Again: we combine content distribution (social media) with actual content (content marketing).

The content marketing part of the equation involves the stuff that is published or connected to social media. Specifically, the content marketing is what gets linked from social media. In the case of our ISP who is looking to pursuade people switch from GoDaddy, the content we create consists of:

  1. An in-depth article about why we switched from GoDaddy and how we did it.
  2. A landing page (see below) from the article so that people don’t find themselves on a generic page after being convinced to switch
  3. Other material that answers questions that people have about switching.

Just to show how this works, here’s a tweet that includes a link to the article:

This tweet leads to an article on Medium. Other versions of this tweet lead to websites and other places where the article also exists:

GoDaddy article on linkedin

The article on LinkedIn is slightly different than the article appearing on other platforms.

All roads from social media must lead to a landing page

One of the most important parts of the content marketing process is to guide people to a final destination. This is where they can make a decision.

This is why all of the outbound links from all the articles we distributed on social media lead to a landing page. In this case, people are guided to the website of GreenGeeks, an alternative to GoDaddy.

If we’ve done our job correctly, the campaign will trigger a wave of defections from GoDaddy. People will eventually land on our client’s site where they can start the process of switching from GoDaddy.

Our content marketing capabilities unlock opportunities

To make important decisions people need information. By creating content to help people make an informed decision, you are making their decision-making process easier. Give the people what they want. Give them well-balanced, well-presented informative content.

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