What’s the absolute hardest search term to rank for if you’re an SEO vendor in Vancouver BC? “SEO Vancouver BC”! The fact is, we’re ranking for it because we provide proven SEO services for a wide range of brands and businesses in Vancouver, BC.

Our concept it pretty simple: why not combine our award-winning social media services with SEO? The two services go hand in hand: on one hand you have brand awareness and traffic generation using paid and organic social media and on the other hand you have leading on-site technical SEO with all the trimmings. What a combo!

Finally: someone that provides both social media and SEO in Vancouver BC.

We combine Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with industry-leading social media to improve your search results and awareness.

If you’re like us, you lose sleep over your search results. Search results are extremely important. But what if your rankings slide because of:

  • an algorithm update
  • new competition
  • your pages are stale
  • your website traffic has slowed
  • You did something you didn’t understand and it backfired?

Or, what if your website is new? What if you’re not showing up in search results for things other than your business name? Whatever the reason is, we can help.

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It’s proven digital strategy: drive awareness with people using Instagram and showing up when people search with Google.

But First: What is SEO?

People use search engines such as Google and Bing to find things online. You may have found this page using Google.

Without Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website owners rely on Google and Bing to figure out what’s on their websites.

With so many websites in the world, relying on Google and Bing is not at all advisable. In fact, it’s a terrible idea.

Here’s why.

Google uses actual clicks and searches for your website to figure out why people use your site. If you have a new website or a website that shows up in the back woods of Google search results, this is a real problem. This is because the only people that will actually find your site are people who are trying hard to find it. These are people who already know your name.

People who already know your name are easy; the power of digital marketing is to drive traffic to your website from people who have never heard of you. 

Not only does it take a long time for Google to figure out what’s on your website and why it should be shown when people Google various things, but if you have a competitor that is skilled at SEO, they will almost always outrank you.

Search Engine Optimization is the activity of adding hidden code to website pages. This is code that only the search engines can see.

SEO is technical in nature because it requires special skills to code and test the schema and related fields that are understood by Google and Bing.

Branded Search Versus “Unbranded” Search

The number one priority of effective SEO is not to show up for the company’s name (ie the name of your company) but to show up when
someone Googles something much broader. “New condos in North Van” or “2 BR for sale north van” are two examples.

Using SEO to win at unbranded search not only lowers the cost of your paid search but accelerates conversions because you are capturing interest at “the top of the funnel.” This is another way of saying that there are fifty times (50x) more people searching for “new condos north van” than “your company name”.

People who are searching for your company name already know your company name. So these people are not desirable targets. We want to collect new targets; people who are not familiar with your company name.

Connecting Google Search Console

In a market where one search can mean the difference between selling a luxury condominium or losing the person of interest after their search, SEO is often the deciding factor. For this reason, we actively monitor Google Search Console data and continually update your pages with the latest competitive data gathered from actual searches from people in your market.

What are the permutations of “2 BR for sale north van” or “New condos in North Van”?

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, we will connect your website with Google search console so that you gain access to valuable first-party search data. This data is used to improve the on-page SEO and works faster than any other method because we are using actual local data: real people performing actual Google searches.

Google My Business Description

We register your business by setting up a listing using a Google email account that becomes linked to your listing. We maintain this listing on your behalf by posting content and answering Google’s emails.

Technical SEO Descriptions

There are a range of SEO implementations: meta descriptions, “schema,” meta keywords, social SEO, image markup and more.

We will ensure that across the full range of SEO activities your website has the necessary code so that Google and Bing fully understand what pages to show for what searches.

On-page SEO elements include:
• Meta Descriptions
• Meta Keywords (yes, they actually do make a difference)
• Focus Keyword (if using Yoast with WordPress)
• Social Meta (open graph data)
• Structured Data (this is injected per page)

Social Media SEO Implementation

There are SEO fields related to your social media accounts (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook) that have yet to be configured on a page-by-page basis on your website. We will ensure that the competitive research data gleaned from Google Search Console will be implemented properly so that Google knows what social media properties are connected to your website. This not only improves your visibility but enhances your authority.

How Important Are Good Search Results?

Search results are critically important to every business. Regardless of the company’s business model, businesses that rely on generating new sources of revenue and cash flow must also rely on visibility in search results. In short, the business must be “Googleable.”

Visibility in search results, however, is not that easy. Especially considering the fact that a business must appear on page one for the search term it wishes to rank for. As we see below, page one on Google gets 92.8% of the clicks, with page two returning only 4.9% of clicks.

The first page of Google gets 92.8% of clicks. This number is getting larger.

But there’s more. It’s not just enough to rank on page one. We see that the lion’s share of clicks go to the highest ranked search results on page one. People are lazy!

Another important stat: you could pay Google to show an ad when people search for “career counselling” and other search terms, but these ads only get clicked 4% of the time. If there’s an “organic” alternative, people will almost always click the result that isn’t an ad.

Our on-site SEO provides the organic alternative to the paid ad.
Over time, this is a terrific investment because you don’t have to keep running ads every month. On-site SEO is the gift that keeps on giving!

Different studies put the share of traffic of the first position at around 33%, with the second position getting around 15% of share, 9% going to number 3, and steeper dropoffs after number 5. At minimum, 50% of clicks go to the top three results.

The chart below sums up the click through rate (CTR) by position on page one. As you can see, after position 4, the CTR drops off dramatically.

The Clickthrough Rates (CTRs) of the search results listed on page one rapidly decline the lower on the page you appear.

ClickThrough Rate is defined as the ratio of users who click on a link to the number of total users who viewed a page.

A CTR of 26.9 means that roughly 27% of people who saw the search results page clicked on that link.

We are known for our social media but our SEO services drive an additional layer of visibility and traffic generated from people using search engines and clicking on links inside social media apps.

In a landmark study involving 26 million social media shares, the top four ranking positions on Google are the ones with the most Facebook and Google activity.

top 4 google rankings linked to high number of social media posts on Google+ and Facebook

A fascinating study by QuickSprout found that social media activity is positively correlated to search engine rankings.

Considering that at least 55% of clicks (some studies say it’s more like 90%) happen on the first page of search results, anything you can do to move to page one is a priority.

Google Rankings by number of social media shares


Social SEO is a Great Way to Improve Your Search Results.

The combination of social media with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works so well because Google’s algorithm attributes value to schema markup and new content that is derived or includes social media sources.

For example, driving traffic to a website from a Twitter or LinkedIn profile can include an embedded reference (schema) not visible to the user, but visible to search engines.

Who uses search engines in social media apps? Everyone who uses social media, or about 66% of the population.

Many age groups use multiple social media apps — as many as five — and
pretty much everyone who uses social media searches for something. What’s more is that an increasing number of people use social media to discover products — before performing a Google search.

If they don’t find what they want on social, only then do they resort to Google.

In Vancouver we are pioneers of social SEO. Because we have seen the results first-hand, we view social SEO as the most exciting segment of digital marketing.

Social SEO is what helped us get noticed in a very competitive field. We compete against traditional marketing agencies. Some of our competitors have been around longer and spend more than we do. But because we are a “pure” social media firm, we view social media as our competitive advantage.

Any business that doesn’t show up in a search result is in trouble. We can help.

How SEO Works

We add SEO code to your website that only Google can see. This code educates Google about what it is you do, and adds context to Google’s database about your brand and the search term(s) you are correlated.

Here’s an example using a recent case study.

This case study is an example that many businesses will relate to.

#1: What are people searching for when they want to hire a “top designer”?

Most people looking for a top designer would enter “top Canadian Design firms” or “best Canadian design firms” in Google. This is what comes up:

google search for design firms canada

You get a lot of results that are all over the place. This is what we call a “top of the funnel” search result.

The searcher hasn’t yet narrowed their search term from “designer” to something more specific. The searcher isn’t looking for a jewellery designer. Or an SEO firm that is also a website designer (!) No.

In this case the searcher is looking for someone to handle the re-branding and launch of a new website.

These are questions that are part of the routine SEO discovery process: defining search intent, trying to figure out what people are looking for and what language they use to find it. This is also known as keyword research. Keyword research is big business!

Keyword research is as important to social media as it is to SEO

Keyword research was such a groundbreaking, business-building concept when it first emerged that it propelled Google into one of the most successful companies in the world.

That’s because small businesses were forced to actually define why customers choose them. It made small businesses focus on conveying what they do better than anyone else: why do customers search for me?

That’s the SEO part. Now for the social part.

This graph above was published in November 2016. Three years later, the lines continue to diverge. Mobile has taken over. And that's never going to change.

The move to mobile has major ramifications. It is responsible for propelling social media and its counterpart, social SEO, to the top of the digital marketing toolbox.

Back to our case study.

Here are two screen shots for a recent article on Mark Zuckerberg. The article was recently published by Motherboard, a vertical owned by WIRED Magazine. You can't find it using Google.

trying to find mark zuckerberg trading cards using google search

But using Twitter, you can find the article immediately.

mark zuckerberg search on motherboard

This is the crux of why social SEO is becoming so important.

More and more content is being hosted on social media networks that are beyond the reach of search engines.

Our thesis: a consistent social presence and regular contact with Google enables the smallest firms to compete successfully against much larger competitors.

Mobile has become so important that it has also changed the nature of search.

People don't want old search results any more.

When something "big" happens, people expect to find it on social media. They look on Facebook. They look on Twitter. And then they go from there. In fact, people spend so much time on Twitter and Facebook that 80% of time spent with mobile is spent "in-app." So where do businesses need to be?

"In app."

And guess what "in app" refers to? Social media apps.


When you combine technical SEO knowledge with the distribution power of social media, you have a highly effective marketing approach.

Social media is the best way to disperse a message because if you play your cards right, you can disperse it over a very wide and relevant audience.

So think about links and SEO the next time you share a link on social media. It will help your visibility, awareness and search results.

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