Social media marketing strategy is essential to unlocking the benefits of social media. Credible research is necessary to determine what the right social media marketing strategy is for your situation. As we’ll see here, there are numerous pieces of current research that demonstrate that social media is a prudent channel for marketing investment. As Forrester and others show, social media is starting to attract marketing spend previously allocated to SEO and other forms of digital marketing.  Why the Smart Money is Moving to Social Media Marketing 5 years ago, droves of advertisers started funneling newspaper and TV budgets into digital channels. Now the money is flowing to social media. >> Spending on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook marketing continues to accelerate […]

We’ve compiled the research behind 10 reasons to try social media marketing. Research shows that social media is the number one marketing channel to grow your brand – especially when combined with other marketing tactics. We’ve seen it time and again. It seems as if nothing is happening and then – BAM! – the success hits and you never look back. We’ve compiled some of the most convincing research – from social media being used as a primary research tool to its persuasive efficacy.   Here are 10 reasons why we believe social media is a sensible investment. 1. Social Media is Cost Effective On a CPM (cost per thousand) basis, social media outperforms all other forms of media. This […]