Why the smart money is moving to social media

Why the Smart Money is Moving to Social Media 5 years ago, droves of advertisers started funneling newspaper and TV budgets into digital channels. Now the money is flowing to social. >> Spending on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook marketing continues to accelerate as mobile adoption and time spent with digital increases << It makes sense to shift your marketing dollars to where people are actually spending time. And more people are spending more time with social. Recent research shows that Twitter and LinkedIn are tops for B2B marketers: Twitter tops with Fortune 500 —ahead of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube | via @marketinngcharts https://t.co/o1C1ySw6z1 #SMM pic.twitter.com/jprBQUg0eY — Sky Alphabet 🚀 (@skyalphabet) November 17, 2017 But as more time is spent on … Continue reading Why the smart money is moving to social media