After using GoDaddy for years, it became too expensive. So I started looking for a Godaddy alternative. And I found a good one: GreenGeeks. What I didn’t know after I switched from GoDaddy was that not only did I save a lot of money, but my search results improved.

How to switch from GoDaddy (for better search results)

If you have a website with GoDaddy you’re either happy or you’re not. This article is for people who are not.

I was one of those people. I was not happy with GoDaddy. I was not happy with GoDaddy at all.

It was one of those things that built up over time.

For years I grudgingly paid more and more to GoDaddy. I paid more and more for stuff that I thought was supposed to be included. Or should be included for the high prices I was paying! But I had no choice but to keep paying. How was I going to move my website? How would I switch from GoDaddy? I needed to find a GoDaddy alternative. Pronto.

I’m not a technical person. So switching seemed like a lot of work. Like, what’s a DNS entry? What’s an MX Mail host? And what if something went wrong? What if my website went down? What if I couldn’t get it back…

These questions haunted me. I realize that — on purpose — they made the process of switching your website over to a new hosting provider like stealing the Mona Lisa. But is it really that hard to move a website? Is it?

It turns out switching from GoDaddy is not hard. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

I researched the topic thoroughly before switching. There was a lot of research. And then I switched here.

But you know what? It was the best decision I’ve made this year. I should have switched from GoDaddy years ago! Years! The wasted traffic. The wasted opportunities…Had I only researched a GoDaddy alternative earlier.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. If you’ve ever thought about switching from GoDaddy, keep reading because I’m going to show you exactly how to do it. And it won’t cost you a single penny. In fact, it’s going to pay for itself right away.

After I switched, I ended up saving so much money that the switch paid for itself. Now I am actually getting phone calls. People can now find my website without knowing my weird company name (Sky Alphabet) and exact URL! Imagine that. Customers can find me now.

I had at least five major problems with GoDaddy

Over the years, I had more and more problems with GoDaddy.

But I knew the end was near when my SSL certificate suddenly stopped working. My website was broken. Google labeled my site as “not safe.” O.M.G. Now I really had to find an alternative! What had GoDaddy done? Why wasn’t my site working?

I hadn’t changed anything and now my site is being penalized by Google for a bad certificate! Bad GoDaddy, bad!

Not only did GoDaddy break my website, but they charged me for a replacement SSL certificate two months later. And they didn’t apologize!

And that’s when it hit me: what has GoDaddy ever done for me? Not much!

Man with head in hand appearing frustrated and defeated.
Feeling frustrated with GoDaddy? Not appearing in search results? Is it hard to change your website? It’s time to switch.

All GoDaddy gave me was:

  • Higher rates every single year until hosting my stupid website became ludicrously expensive
  • The tiniest e-mail inbox with zero security (costs extra)
  • Expensive hosting and getting more expensive by the year (they just add more and more costs)
  • Expensive add-ons (such as an SSL certificate)
  • Expensive if you want anything extra (like a bigger e-mail inbox)
  • Terrible, non-existent search results (you pay extra for “search visibility”)
  • Hacked documents that were supposed to be private! Their “website builder” is insecure but they don’t warn you.
  • Fake traffic reports that show you are getting 5,000 visitors a month when actually you are getting 20 visitors.

I’ll stop there. Time to look forward.

Okay: I am about to make your life so much better.

I know your life will be better because my life is better. Two weeks after switching from GoDaddy I am now SHOWING UP IN SEARCH RESULTS.

Do you know how exciting that is? After years of tweaking my Google Analytics with zero results. It’s a new ballgame, folks.

I’m not doing anything differently than while I was with GoDaddy. But now I literally have 75 new searches from Google this week. All because I switched.

Why did I finally switch from GoDaddy? What was the ‘final straw’?

Now I’m in social media so I could finally afford to switch over. And when I say “afford” I mean take the risk so I could switch in case anything went badly. Like if my website never returned. Ever. I had to take the leap. I’m so glad I did.

But think about that: I actually had to switch businesses to try switching from GoDaddy. Weird, right? But I’ll bet there’s a lot of people like me. You get attached to your stupid website, no matter how lousy or broken it is.

And did I mention it didn’t cost me anything to switch? The money I saved in one year from switching from Godaddy paid for three years with my new web hosting company! Imagine that. The switch paid for itself.

Before I switched from GoDaddy I did a lot of research.

First, I found a new hosting provider. A good, cheap one.

Basically someone who is the same as GoDaddy. But better. And cheaper.

But my friends, I am not writing this because someone is paying me to write it. No Sir and No Ma’am. I am writing this so I can pass on my first-hand knowledge to you and give my fellow website builders and small business owners a chance at reclaiming their rightful place in  internet land. Because you don’t have a chance with GoDaddy.

But you do have a chance to reclaim your rightful place in the internet land with a company called GREENGEEKS.

I know. Weird name. But they’re great. Really.

Here are some quick stats about GreenGeeks, the company I switched to from GoDaddy:

  1. They are carbon neutral. Hence the green.
  2. They are a bunch of geeks. Hence the geeks.


Third, I asked them every dumb question under the sun about how to switch and every step along the way. They did not treat me like a moron. They did not tell me to ask my “network administrator.” Don’t you hate that? Microsoft’s downfall, I tell you. Who has a network administrator except the biggest companies?

No friends, they stayed on the phone with me for sometimes 20 minutes and walked me through everything. Even on Saturday. And often on Sunday.

I am a true fan of GreenGeeks and I know that you will be, too, once you switch from GoDaddy to GreenGeeks.

Okay. I know you need a lot more info.

Remember, I moved my domain from GoDaddy to hosted by GreenGeeks and I’ve never looked back. I should’ve done it years ago.

Ready to switch?

Click here to go to GreenGeeks or keep reading.

Screenshot of a special offer from GreenGeeks only $3.95 per month.
GreenGeeks has very inexpensive hosting packages that are better than GoDaddy. The switch pays for itself.

First of all, decide if you are going to have GreenGeeks transfer your website for you.

It’s free. They will handle the transfer for you. This works if you have a WordPress site, too.

You can have them transfer your website by going here. Just tell them that you have a website you want them to transfer it for you AND you want the Sky Alphabet rate. It is 25% of the price of GoDaddy. Cheap.

I am editing my website as I write this article and I am thrilled with it.

If you want GreenGeeks to move your website there’s not much more you need to do. Keep reding if you want to build a new website.

This is the approach I took. Because I was concerned that I would lose my website, I thought building a new one while keeping the old one might be the safest. It worked out great.

Once I built it, I told GoDaddy to point to my new website at GreenGeeks. Shazam! It worked like a charm.

To build my new site I simply copied and pasted the pages I wanted to transfer and ignored the pages I no longer wanted.

You know what Google recommends? Ditch the pages that don’t perform well. The ones that get no traffic.

Here’s how it worked in detail:

  1. I signed up for a three year plan with GreenGeeks. The cost for three years was the same as one year with GoDaddy. Nice!
  2. I told GreenGeeks about my plan to build a website and then decommission the old one. They sent me instructions on where and how to build my new WordPress site. Their instructions were clear.
  3. After I built my new site — it took about a week — I felt it was time to launch it. I logged onto GoDaddy and went to the “Manage DNS” section where I pointed GoDaddy’s nameservers to the IP address GreenGeeks gave me. It worked like a charm.
  4. Once I could access my new site from my phone (it took about 3 hours for the site to “propogate”) I submitted my new site to the search engines using a tool I found in the GreenGeeks cpanel. For free. GoDaddy wants extra for that. Thanks GreenGeeks!
Screenshot of "cPanel" administrative screen showing some of the options
A powerful website administrative tool called cPanel is included.

If you are sick of GoDaddy and their high rates, switch to GreenGeeks. I did and I love it.

It’s easy and your search results and wallet will thank you for years to come.



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