If you’re interested in ranking social media agencies, we’ll save you the time by comparing Vancouver social media agencies for you. With 49,000 tweets and 17,300 followers, Sky Alphabet Social Media is the leading social media agency in Vancouver, BC. Sky Alphabet edged out Canada’s largest advertising agency — Cossette — which was a close second with 16.4K followers.  The rankings are derived from publicly-available data published on the Twitter pages of various Vancouver social media agencies on November 6, 2017. The top social media agencies were selected by Googling “Vancouver social media agencies”. This article is for public companies (TSX, TSX-V, CVE) that are interested in learning about Vancouver social media companies but don’t have time to do the […]

Why the Smart Money is Moving to Social Media 5 years ago, droves of advertisers started funneling newspaper and TV budgets into digital channels. Now the money is flowing to social. >> Spending on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook marketing continues to accelerate as mobile adoption and time spent with digital increases << It makes sense to shift your marketing dollars to where people are actually spending time. And more people are spending more time with social. Recent research shows that Twitter and LinkedIn are tops for B2B marketers:   But as more time is spent on mobile devices, more time is spent on social media networks: 30% more time according to this study from March 2017. Another study from Flurry […]

Guaranteeing effective social media strategy isn’t terribly difficult if you plan and execute well. Here are the things you need to consider when you try to figure out exactly how you’re going to pull off the most effective social media strategy possible. How can you guarantee effective social media strategy? For many businesses, social media is becoming the cornerstone of digital marketing programs. As budgets shift from traditional digital marketing platform to social media, effective social media strategy is necessary to deliver the results CMOs and chief digital officers (CDOs) demand. What’s the primary reason social media is becoming the centrepiece of digital marketing strategies? Brands own their audience. For companies feeling the heat to do more with social media, […]

Social Media Marketing for Small Business: a Starter Guide This article discusses how social media marketing for business can replace many modes of paid advertising and media. The fact is, social media does the exact same thing as advertising but in many cases it is totally free. The only cost is the time it takes to write and post and take the photos, tweets, and posts. These costs can range from next to nothing to a huge expense, depending on how you approach your content creation. Considering that anywhere you would advertise you’d need artwork or some form of promotional content, the cost to generate content on social media are table stakes. The clear advantage social media offers over other […]

Public company social media is its own special breed of communications. We say this because there is risk associated with an open, public, two-way global communications channel. This is exactly the reason why the management of social media in a public company context requires experienced hands. This is why public companies of all sizes rely on Sky Alphabet. We are a social media agency with a unique pedigree. Our history involves $45 billion in capital markets experience. This kind of experience makes us one of Canada’s leading social media consultants for professional service firms. If you are an investment advisor, law firm, insurance broker, hedge fund, quantitive trading operation, or any other firm that is regulated or abides by a […]

We test drove all of the free unfollow apps and rated them. We found some surprising features that you will want to check out. Rating the unfollow apps: these apps are key to developing a strong social media audience. Today we rate and discuss a slate of free products dedicated to following and unfollowing people. These apps are also known as #followback apps. You will absolutely **love** one of these tips. When Twitter accounts grow to around 3,000 followers, it becomes necessary to use some sort of software to manage the audience. Today we look at the most popular free versions of unfollow apps. Specifically, Tweepi, Crowdfire, Manageflitter and Unfollowspy. We test drove these apps across multiple social media accounts […]

By Steve Yanor @skyalphabet vol. 002 Two of Twitter’s Favourite Free Scheduling Apps Go Head to Head. Once you get serious about Twitter it becomes obvious that you’ll need some sort of scheduling App. It’s called autoscheduling: How else are you going to Tweet while you sleep?​ Thankfully there are two heavyweight apps that do exactly that (and more): Buffer and Hootsuite.  Both of these applications are excellent at scheduling Tweets and sending them on a pre-determined (“custom scheduled”) or “auto-scheduled” basis. Hootsuite’s scheduling interface (mobile app) At one time Hootsuite used to offer a bulk uploader (you could write out hundreds of Tweets with the time and date of when you wanted each Tweet sent) but sadly those days of free […]

One of social media’s best kept secrets is how to make Buffer loop endlessly. We’re going to show you how. How to make Buffer loop endlessly. Look, one of the massive advantages that Buffer has over Hootsuite is that Buffer works with a program called IFTTT. Hootsuite doesn’t. If you haven’t heard of IFTTT, we’ll give you a minute. Because you’re about to learn how to instruct Buffer to re-fill itself to you can create a Buffer loop. Ready? Cool. IFTTT is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) website that lets apps like Buffer talk to other things. Like security systems and lightbulbs and clock radios and gmail and…Twitter! My colleagues are saying right now “are you crazy? Why are you giving away […]

After using GoDaddy for years, it became too expensive. So I started looking for a Godaddy alternative. And I found a good one: GreenGeeks. What I didn’t know after I switched from GoDaddy was that not only did I save a lot of money, but my search results improved. How to switch from GoDaddy (for better search results) If you have a website with GoDaddy you’re either happy or you’re not. This article is for people who are not. I was one of those people. I was not happy with GoDaddy. I was not happy with GoDaddy at all. It was one of those things that built up over time. For years I grudgingly paid more and more to GoDaddy. […]

Interview with the King of Twitter: Sam Hurley Sam Hurley @Sam___Hurley    FOLLOWERS: 141k In this exclusive interview with Sam Hurley, the King of Twitter reveals his secrets to growing your Twitter account.  Most pro social media marketers who operate on Twitter know Sam Hurley. Many have retweeted him at one time or another. His tweets cover the range of digital marketing topics: anything from driving traffic to your blog, to SEO to making a great landing page.  As a content aggregator Mr. Hurley is without rival; you won’t find quotes from people you’ve never heard of filling Sam’s tweetstream. Nope, Sam Hurley is all about digital marketing. And that’s why hundreds of thousands switch to the world’s most active Twitter channel each and every day. In the […]