An international panel of judges awarded Sky Alphabet with the winning entry in the category “Best Use of Social Media” in a search campaign at the 2020 Canadian Search Awards. In Feb 2019, we were awarded a Marketing Excellence Award for “best social media” campaign. Best Use of Social Media in A Search Campaign On September 17, 2020, Sky Alphabet Social Media of Vancouver, BC became the first social media agency in Canada to win a Canadian Search Award. Our campaign won for “Best Use of Social Media” in a search campaign. It is worth mentioning that this was the first year the awards have been hosted in Canada. Originally scheduled to take place at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto at a black tie gala, the organizers instead opted to host the awards virtually. This way, the entire world […]

UPDATE: We won! We are proud to announce that we have been selected as finalists in the 2020 Canadian Search Awards for the category “Best Use of Social Media in a Search Campaign”. On September 17 we will learn who the winner is. Organic Search and Organic Social: a Match Made in Heaven We know that SEO and organic social are a perfect fit. They’re both organic. One pushes traffic (social), while the other (organic search) pulls traffic with on-page technical SEO. We’re not sure if you would call this a system or an engine, but whatever it is, it sucks and blows at the same time. We have heard that’s a no-no if you’re testifying (you can’t have it both ways), but when you’re building traffic as part of a search campaign it is A-Okay. In our organic dual exhaust […]

Is your social feed acting like nothing is happening in the world? If you’re a public company that hasn’t yet factored in the coronavirus and covid-19, it’s probably time to think about your strategy. As the stock traders say: it’s risk on. Growing up in Vancouver, we always had earthquake drills. Thankfully, the big one never came. But were we ever prepared! Years later, there was a different sort of quake: the great financial crisis of 2008. Deja Vu Doo Doo 💩 It’s not every day that a global event grips television audiences and social media feeds for weeks on end. In fact, it’s pretty rare. But when global stock markets react in unison, you know you have the makings of a black swan event. So far, all signs point to one thing: things are going to be rocky. But […]

Why does every public company need a corporate social media strategy? Social media provides public companies with the most valuable component of corporate value creation: an open, global and highly creative channel to tell a story to a vast and available investing public. There are thousands of public companies. Social media offers open access to a huge audience of investors — both retail and instutional. More importantly, it offers public companies a proven and reliable way to differentiate themselves. The four most important questions you need to ask: Is every piece of material information about the company available on social media? This is a perfect starting point. The focus of each social platform varies, but Twitter is an excellent “core” base for your story. Content developed for Twitter can be easily adapted for all other social platforms. Consider clustering content […]

When we say this is the internet’s best guide to finding Twitter followers, we’re not kidding. We’re going to show you how to get followers every single day of the year. In this article, we’re going to explain exactly how to use the free versions of Tweepi and Unfollowspy (mainly) and give you some solid tips you can use for your entire social media career. Welcome to Sky Alphabet, an award-winning social media agency. UPDATE Feb 11 2020: Tweepi is back in action. In mid 2019, Twitter “pulled back” on its API which had the effect of killing all of the audience development products. Now that Tweepi has updated its app so that it is no longer using Twitter’s legacy API, Tweepi is back. Hooray! Follow @skyalphabet Our goal with this descriptive article is to describe in detail how to […]

Vancouver social media agency Sky Alphabet is the top Vancouver social media agency as ranked by Twitter data obtained on February 7, 2019.

Guaranteeing effective social media strategy is much easier if you plan well and execute better. The mindset that will really help get things done? Set out to achieve bold things with a bold strategy. Aiming for the stars requires you to consider all aspects of social media — the audience, the creative, and the measurement — but at least you’ll be prepared to execute the most effective social media strategy possible. How Can You Guarantee Effective Social Media Strategy? For many businesses, social media is the new cornerstone of their digital marketing programs. Social media is great for:1) finding audiences and 2) engaging with those audiences. Research suggests more and more that social media platforms exert an overweight influence on purchase decisions, particularly Twitter and Instagram: This is new research. And important: Twitter is more influential than YouTube at swaying […]

More and more businesses are feeling the pressure to do something more with social media. There are endless things you can do, which is perhaps the biggest hurdle facing businesses. You have to be clear about what your goals are. Here’s an example of what you can do in the B2B space: read about our award-winning social media entry in the American Marketing Association’s Marketing Excellence Awards. In fact, there is so much to do with social media that it can be overwhelming. Remember: focus on your audience. Whether it’s by geographic region, behavioural segment, age or interest. Putting your audience first answers a lot of questions. If your competition is using social media and you are not, it is probably time to take the plunge. We’ll show you some of the ropes with this social media marketing guide for […]

SEO and social media are THE killer combo! Like burgers and fries. Like fish and chips. Wait, fries are popular! When it comes to SEO and social media, we are an agency in Vancouver BC that offers both. If you would like to check our qualifications, please refer to this comprehensive Databox article or view many of the articles we have written by access our SEO Vancouver page. We see a lot of SEO mistakes. That’s because we’ve made most of them. With SEO you learn the hard way. If you do things incorrectly it can hurt badly and for a long time. What is the most common mistake that you see when you review a company’s efforts to generate organic search traffic? Steve Yanor, Sky Alphabet Social Media (Vancouver) Organic Search is more important than ever. It is essential […]

Social media marketing strategy is essential to unlocking the benefits of social media. Credible research is necessary to determine what the right social media marketing strategy is for your situation. As we’ll see here, there are numerous pieces of current research that demonstrate that social media is a prudent channel for marketing investment. As Forrester and others show, social media is starting to attract marketing spend previously allocated to SEO and other forms of digital marketing.  Why the Smart Money is Moving to Social Media Marketing 5 years ago, droves of advertisers started funneling newspaper and TV budgets into digital channels. Now the money is flowing to social media. >> Spending on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook marketing continues to accelerate as mobile adoption and time spent with digital increases << It makes sense to shift your marketing dollars to where […]