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Discovery. Analysis. Decision.

Does your security have the profile necessary to interest investors on social media?

About Sky Alphabet: An IR-Focused Vancouver Social Media Marketing Agency

Our clients tend to be:

  • Public companies (TSX, TSX-V, Nasdaq, NYSE American, OTCQB)
  • Companies in the process of seeking a listing

If you fit one or more of these categories, we have a solution for you.

Social Media Agency Vancouver Social Media Firm SKY ALPHABET
The Deck on Social Media for Public Companies by Award-Winning Sky Alphabet. Q1 2022
Vancouver social media marketing agency Sky Alphabet was recognized as one of Canada's highest ranked social media companies by Clutch.

A specialized social media consultancy.

We are a specialized social media management and marketing agency dedicated to serving capital market participants.

social media agency sky alphabet for public companies tsx otc

Winner of multiple social media awards.

We are the proud winner of awards in 2021, 2020 and 2019 for corporate social media marketing campaigns. To our knowledge, we are the first Vancouver social media marketing agency to win such awards in three consecutive years.

Investors love stocks that get more than their fair share of attention.

With a large percentage of the analyst and investment community using social media for stock research and discovery, we find ways to get in the feed of these audiences and convert them into believers.

15 years of capital markets experience

Our experience enables us to formulate strategies to unlock shareholder value using Twitter and other platforms, but more importantly to communicate in a ways that exceed expectations.

We operate on social media 365 days a year.

No one gets Twitter like we get Twitter. Add our knowledge and hands-on experience with public companies and you have a winning combination every day of the year.

We hit singles, day in and day out

Social media is about authenticity and consistency. Success doesn’t happen over night. Over time and with the right audience strategy your social media accounts will reflect that you are a valuable, multi-faceted equity.

We build investor brands

Brand building is hard work. It’s about showing up every day, managing the channels, posting lovely content, and playing well with others. It’s about respect. Respect for your audience and your valuation.

We Simplify Social Media Marketing

You know you need social media. It’s more important than ever. But what is the right path forward? Who will create the posts? Who will take care of everything, including getting approvals? Engaging with your audience? Defending against short sellers?

We’re one of the world’s top corporate social media agencies. We’ve got you covered.

We’ll make you look great to your investors and your senior executives.

Get Results Without Breaking The Bank

Our mix of social and digital marketing expertise is hard to find anywhere else. As a leading Vancouver social media marketing agency, we’ll give you a solution that’s perfect for your industry and investors.

With Sky Alphabet you can win with social. If you’re running a business that depends on your customers or investors making a choice between you and someone else, social media can be the deciding factor.

On its own, social media can be a game changer.

But when you combine social media with SEO or content marketing, you’ve got a winning combination. That’s our formula. It’s very difficult to beat.

Social Media Networks: Something For Everyone

Each social media platform has unique strengths

Twitter has terrific organic reach and an influential audience. Instagram offers tremendous creative potential and a way to access the important millennial audience. Reddit and Stocktwits are good places to monitor and reply to. LinkedIn is the ideal platform for the company’s management.

The social networks have one thing in common: they bring awareness and significant revenue potential.

On behalf of our clients we’re active on all of these networks every day.

Research shows that social media provides a critical source of research and influences purchase decisions.

Combine Digital Marketing with Social Media for Great Results

Where things get exciting is when social media networks are used with digital marketing tactics. This is how brands can stand out. Fast.

We’re the social media agency for public companies. E-mail us today.

Q&A with Steve Yanor of Sky Alphabet

What’s the biggest opportunity brands have when it comes to social media?

If you’re a public company you can’t ignore social media. Retail trading is now 40% of the market. It’s bigger than quantitative investors and hedge funds. Plus, there’s the automated stock trading algorithms.

My advice is to take your marketing budget and carve out $100K and spend it on social media. The move to mobile stock trading has changed everything. You’ve got to be on social media telling your story continuously.

This is why you see high engagement brands doing so well: they use social to their advantage while bigger, slower-moving brands don’t even respond to investors on social.

As long as the information has been disclosed, it’s safe to say it on social.

Your shareholders will probably say it’s about time you started doing more with social. If you’re a good brand you’ll see the benefits.

The bottom line is that any brand with a marketing budget should have a formal social media strategy. Plan your work, work your plan.

Social media is one of the most cost effective ways to expand your influence, improve your reputation, position your brand, connect with customers and increase sales.

Only 50% of small businesses have a documented social media strategy. 40% of large firms did not.
From Buffer’s 2018 State of Social Report.

Why Start a Vancouver Social Media Marketing Agency?

Social media is the key to capturing attention. It’s where people are these days. To a large extent social media delivers a captive audience. Not to mention the social platforms offer creative possibilities you just can’t find anywhere else.

Instagram Stories is the new form of television ad. It’s micro-targeted and is so beautiful.

Steve Yanor of the Vancouver social media marketing agency Sky Alphabet in front of a green screen
Steve Yanor, Founder, Sky Alphabet Social Media Inc.

A recent industry study showed that LinkedIn has become a top priority for B2B marketers. For professional service firms, LinkedIn is an ideal social network.

Digital marketing is no longer optional. Social media is the fastest growing ad type because it is mobile. Like stock trading. Now you’re seeing formats invented for social media taking precedent over websites. Look at Instagram Stories. It’s officially a new web page format now. This is relatively new.

We know from experience that consistent social media — hitting singles day in and day out — delivers results. And so does tactical SEO. Drive traffic with social to web pages optimized by SEO. Boom. That’s a winning strategy.

Time spent with social media by Canadians is approaching two hours.

A great looking website isn’t the number one priority any more. It’s social. It’s site speed. It’s SEO. It’s messaging.

On the other side of the ledger you have leagues of pay-per-click firms that are stepping all over themselves. Cost per click is way up and the quality of clicks are down. Where are the good clicks coming from? Social.

Nothing beats pay-per-click like good SEO. But good SEO is tough. It requires a lot of measurement and constant high quality traffic. But with a good social strategy, you’ve got both. You’re wired right into a wealth of audience data and segmentation opportunities.

The thing with social media is that you can’t do it “on the side.” It’s too much work.

About Sky Alphabeta Vancouver social media marketing agency

Sky Alphabet was incorporated in 2017 by Steve Yanor. Steve has $45 billion worth of experience launching brands into the capital markets. He is responsible for executing the roadshow marketing campaigns of dozens of marquee capital raises for names such as Lions Gate Entertainment, General Electric, Freescale Semiconductor, DreamWorks Animation SKG, Anthem Healthcare, Vonage Holdings, and The Blackstone Group.

Steve has fifteen years of experience serving in senior leadership roles on both the client and consultant sides.

On the client side, Steve was a senior VP at a NYSE-listed entertainment company. He was hired to help guide the company through their IPO and was retained six months prior to the IPO date. The company is now one of the largest independent film studios in the world.

On the consulting side, Steve held senior positions at a number of leading investor relations firms in Toronto and New York.

While in New York, Steve was the COO of the world’s largest investor communications firm, Imagination (GIC USA) Inc. As the head of the Americas, Steve was responsible for deepening the firm’s relationships with major Wall Street investment banks. He was successful at executing a record number of IPOs led by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS and JPMorgan. He also developed a strong stream non-transactional clients including Bell Canada, CIT Group, Anthem Healthcare and many others.

In 2015, Lambert Academic published Steve’s “Roadshow: The Marketing of Corporate Finance.” This is the first ever book on the topic of financial communications around an IPO.

Since incorporating Sky Alphabet, the agency has won awards for its corporate social media campaigns. The most recent win involved a campaign for a billion dollar TSX-listed company that experienced a 33% increase in market capitalization during 100 days of the campaign. The campaign validated the role played by automated stock-trading algorithms.

Twitter and LinkedIn tops for FP500 emarketer
Twitter outperforms other social media networks for organic reach.

What are Some of the Big Opportunities with Social Media?

If you think of social media as pre-marketing or “pre-sales” channel, you begin to see the possibilities.

If you see it first as a sales channel then you are headed into the danger zone. Social media is a pre-sales channel. It’s a touchpoint. It’s where you rack up points for being a good brand and a good online citizen.

Social media a perfect place to be friendly and likeable. It’s one of the only places you can show off the finer points of your brand: your sense of humour. Your wisdom. All the lessons you’ve learned. It’s a soft sell but in the process there can be tremendous goodwill and respect established.

Consumers are spending more time on social. They’re also spending time reading the news or chatting with people they’ve never met. People are really comfortable with that. But they are also spending a lot less time with Google.

People are searching on Twitter and Instagram now. Google results are too outdated for some people. No one wants results that are a day old.

Search is Moving to Social Media. Is that an Opportunity?

Our slogan is “win with social”. It’s getting easier and easier to win with social. It’s a natural candidate for voice search and it is referring sales traffic three times more than it did even two years ago. Twitter continues to grow in popularity as Facebook wanes because people need an up-to-the-minute source of news.

For brands that are already using search marketing or are active with social media, social search is a great opportunity. More so when it is incorporated into a broader search marketing strategy.


Any Obvious Recommendations?

We recommend a content calendar so that the big events throughout the year are well served. As the years pass you get better and better at really punching the big events and augmenting them with paid ads or something extra, like SEO. Social works really well when there’s an additional component, like Instagram ads targeted at a specific niche.

It’s also a good idea to benchmark and report regularly: KPIs, strategies, records of your postings. Experiments are a must.

Does Twitter Contribute to Thought Leadership?

For some businesses, thought leadership is crucial. I don’t care if you’re a winemaker, plastic surgeon or personal injury lawyer, people who are buying from you are making decisions based on 5 or more data points.

Using Twitter and the other social channels is an absolute must if you intend to single yourself out as someone who is worth the extra money or time.

If you look at the Twitter metrics of an industry such as financial services, you see an unusually high number of venture capitalists and other players in the capital markets using Twitter as their primary channel of communications.

Twitter works really well with investor-oriented businesses, more so if you can develop a respectable following.

I love the recent example of Tinhorn Creek which is a BC winery purchased by Andrew Peller. The CEO Sandra Oldfield is the #1 ranked CEO on Twitter in Canada with 16k followers.

I asked her: “has Twitter made a difference to your business?” She said “absolutely.”

Who knows if Tinhorn’s social media played a part in the acquisition but she definitely has the most consistent voice of anyone in the BC wine world on Twitter. That can’t hurt.

Twitter is powerful. Instagram is ubiquitous. These platforms give brands a distinct competitive advantage. Especially brands that trade publicly.

About Steve Yanor

Steve Yanor is the founder of Sky Alphabet Social Media Inc. With a background in investor relations and corporate communications, Steve has overseen $45 billion in Initial Public Offerings and wrote a book called Roadshow: the Marketing of Corporate Finance.

Steve started Sky Alphabet Social Media in the summer of 2016 and incorporated the company in June 2017. He holds a marketing diploma from the Institute of Communication Agencies. He has been certified by Google, Hubspot and SEMRush for various digital marketing certificates.

With more than two dozen roadshows to his credit, Steve’s ability to create content while managing the complexity of large group meetings around the world earned him top spots at some of the world’s most prestigious IR marketing firms, including Imagination (GIC USA).

Steve is also the former VP of Marketing of Lions Gate Entertainment. He started at Lions Gate while it was just a business plan and guided the company through its IPO and into its position as one of the world’s leading independent entertainment brands .

Please connect with Steve on LinkedIn

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