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Capitalize on how investors interact with stocks on social media

Investors are searching for you. What are they finding?

Tell your story
Investors search for stocks all around the world. There are ways to position your equity adjacent to their search, or to even be central to what they find.

Outdo your peers
What’s it worth to look better than an equity that trades at a higher multiple? Is it smart, strategic, or both?

We roll up our sleeves and get it done
The SEC and OSC recognize that social media is a valuable platform for investor communications. Let’s get to work.

Communicate your value
If you’re not going to show investors why you’re worth every penny and more, who will?

Investors love stocks that get more than their fair share of attention

With a large percentage (80%) of the analyst and investment community using social media for stock research and discovery, it’s important to show up.

15+ years of capital markets experience

Our experience enables us to formulate strategies to unlock shareholder value using Twitter and other platforms, but more importantly: to communicate in a ways that exceed expectations.

We operate on social media 365 days a year.

No one gets Twitter like we get Twitter. Add our knowledge and hands-on experience with public companies and you have a winning combination every day of the year.

We hit singles, day in and day out

Social media is about authenticity and consistency. Success doesn’t happen over night. Over time and with the right audience strategy your social media accounts will reflect that you are a valuable, multi-faceted equity.

We build investor brands

Brand building is hard work. It’s about showing up every day, managing the channels, posting lovely content, and playing well with others. It’s about respect. Respect for your audience and your valuation.

A specialized social media consultancy

We are a specialized social media management and marketing agency dedicated to serving capital market participants.

Winner of multiple social media awards

We are the proud recipient of awards in 2023, 2021, 2020 and 2019 for corporate social media marketing campaigns. To our knowledge, we are the first corporate social media marketing agency to win this many awards in five years. Mind you, when we started the agency in 2017, we were the only "pure" social media agency, everybody else was busy with Google.

With Sky Alphabet you can win with social. If you’re running a business that depends on your customers or investors making a choice between you and someone else, social media can be the deciding factor.

On its own, social media can be a game changer.

But when you combine social media with SEO or content marketing, you’ve got a winning combination. That’s our formula. It’s very difficult to beat.

Social Media Networks: Something For Everyone

Each social media platform has unique strengths Twitter has terrific organic reach and an influential audience. Instagram offers tremendous creative potential and a way to access the important millennial audience. Reddit and Stocktwits are good places to monitor and reply to. LinkedIn is the ideal platform for the company’s management.

The social networks have one thing in common: they bring awareness and significant revenue potential.

On behalf of our clients we’re active on all of these networks every day.

We’re the social media agency for public companies. E-mail us today.

Q&A with Steve Yanor of Sky Alphabet

What’s the biggest opportunity brands have when it comes to social media?

If you’re a public company, you can’t ignore social media. Retail trading is now 40% of the market. It’s bigger than quantitative investors and hedge funds combined. Plus, there are thousands of automated stock trading algorithms.


You can’t ignore the algorithms.


The move to mobile stock trading has changed everything. You’ve got to telling your story continuously on social media. That means Twitter. LinkedIn. Maybe some Instagram. And a bunch of niche networks such as StockTwits, Reddit, and InvestorsHub.


This is why you see high engagement brands doing so well: they use social to their advantage while bigger, slower-moving brands don’t even respond to investors on social.


Even if you’re a slowpoke in real life, you can act like a panther on social media. You can be whatever investors want you to be.

What are the risks to executing a social strategy?
When we incorporated in 2017, there were literally zero other social media firms. Sky Alphabet was the top hit on Google. That’s when lawyers ruled the world and could instruct their CEOs to stay off social media. A lot has changed since then. Now we know that staying off social is a bad strategy. The upstart CEOs – the ones that loves to communicate – they know there are ups and downs. That’s part of building a relationship with investors. If you haven’t gone all in on social yet, your shareholders will probably say it’s about time you did. The bottom line is that any brand with a marketing budget should have a formal social media strategy. Plan your work, work your plan.
Social media is one of the most cost effective ways to expand your influence, improve your reputation, position your brand, connect with customers and increase sales.
Only 50% of small businesses have a documented social media strategy. 40% of large firms did not.
What do clients need?

Social media is key to capturing attention. It’s where people are these days. To a large extent, social media delivers a captive audience. Not to mention the social platforms offer creative possibilities you just can’t find anywhere else.

Social media is the fastest growing ad type because it is mobile. Like stock trading. Now you’re seeing formats invented for social media taking precedent over websites. Investors are getting their financial news and data from Twitter.

From experience, we know that showing up for work every day delivers results. If you’re a public company with a Twitter account, you can plan to swing for the fences as often as you want, but make sure you hit singles day in and day out.

It’s a winning strategy.

Steve Yanor of the Vancouver social media marketing agency Sky Alphabet in front of a green screen

Steve Yanor, Founder, Sky Alphabet Social Media Inc.

About Steve Yanor

Steve Yanor is the founder of Sky Alphabet Social Media Inc. Through senior roles at global investor communication agencies, Steve has overseen the marketing of some $45 billion in Initial Public Offerings. In 2014, he wrote a book on financial communications process titled Roadshow: the Marketing of Corporate Finance.

Steve incorporated Sky Alphabet in 2017 and has led the company through several awards and strategic mandates involving premier public companies.