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We provide the full range of social media management public companies and Canadian brands rely on. As an award-winning social media agency, we’ve got the expertise to turn your social channels into powerful tools for ROI and value creation.

We manage social media campaigns across a range of social media platforms

Ranked as a top social media agency in Canada for 2020 by Clutch.

We manage the social media marketing requirements for corporations, brands, personalities, agencies and companies of all sizes. This means we coordinate and oversee all aspects related to:

  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Social media presence
  • Brand awareness
  • Content creation
  • Influencer marketing

Pro tip: you can’t do social media “on the side.” It’s too specialized and important.

We provide the full range of organic and paid social media across multiple platforms including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Snapchat, as well as leading support for specialty services such as Google My Business.

Social media management Vancouver brands trust:

⭐ Instagram organic posts and robust paid social campaigns

⭐ Facebook lead generation campaigns

⭐ Snapchat paid video campaigns

⭐ Twitter posts for corporations and public companies

⭐ NEW: Spotify campaigns

⭐ Facebook organic and paid campaigns

The top three social media sites generate 1.8x the traffic of Google

Social media posts don’t write themselves.

Since 2017 we’ve written and curated more than 150,000 social media posts, including nine hundred related to an award-winning corporate campaign.

We’re always writing posts. We’re probably writing a post right now.

Sky Alphabet ranks #1 among Vancouver social media agencies based on the number of Tweets and followers, ahead of some of Canada’s largest advertising agencies.

Whether it’s Sunday morning or Monday night, social media management is always on.

That’s why we’re open seven days a week. The larger your audience is, the more demanding social media management becomes.

The challenge for brands is that social media is becoming the cornerstone of customer communication programs. That’s where we come in.

There is always another Tweet to send or Direct Message to answer or post to ❤️ or article to write or audience to delight.

At Sky Alphabet, social media management is all we do. We show up every single day — seven days a week — to ensure your social media posts are happening, day in and day out.

You never know who — or when — your investors, customers and prospects will visit your social media accounts.

We show up every day of the year to ensure your social media is running smoothly. We manage the full range of social media marketing issues: everything from disgruntled customers to short sellers to fans. We love new fans!

We show up every day, 365 days a year

We work every day of the year to ensure that your social media management is best in class. We respond and answer tweets, post great content, and chime in on things that people would expect us to chime in on.

But we’re also there to defend your brand and participate in relevant conversations. There are different ways to participate: the “loudest” is to reply with a comment. Simply “liking” something can be enough.

Silence can often be the best policy but that doesn’t mean we’re not monitoring what’s happening.

Why invest more in social media management and marketing?

See our deck on corporate social media

There are many good reasons to invest more in your social media activities:

  • Social Media reaches 95% of 17-65 year olds
  • There is high interest in corporate information
  • Social media is populated with identifiable audiences across technology, media and entertainment
  • Social media aligns with digital transformation

Social media management cannot be automated

We automate what we can. But the things we automate are meant to be automated. Like the post that happens every Wednesday at 3pm PST to remind people that “Wheel of Fortune” will be airing an hour from now on the East coast.

What do we post every day?

Immediacy is critical with social media. Many of our clients like to post to Instagram and LinkedIn with their own personal/executive content from time to time but leave Twitter and other social platforms to us. In these cases, we configure the social media accounts so that multiple people have the ability to post, so if something is happening live (Drake just walked in!) it can be posted on the spot.

Our approach enables authorized people (VP Marketing, CEO, IROs) to participate directly in the social media channel they are most comfortable with while overcoming social media’s most challenging aspect: what do we post every day?

This screen shot shows a typical social media posting schedule.

You can see 81 posts are lined up. At the end of those posts another 100 will be added so that the post queue is never empty.

Social media management buffer posting schedule
Above: this is a typical account we manage. In the to left corner you can see 81 posts loaded up. These posts will last a week.

If you are interested in being a top performer on social media and could use a hand, we’re a good and reliable agency to consider.

Need a good reason to shift your marketing budgets into social media? How about this statistic: (More here)

chart nine of ten social media users were influenced to purchase

We encourage you to read through our other social media marketing services.


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