We provide the full range of social media management Vancouver brands and businesses rely on. There’s a lot to effectively managing social media profiles but with our expertise you will be in great hands.

Across multiple social networks — including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and others –we manage the social media marketing requirements for brands, personalities, agencies and companies of all sizes.

Tweets don’t write themselves.

In the past eighteen months we’ve written more than 60,000 social media posts.

We’re always writing posts. We’re probably writing a post right now!

Sky Alphabet ranked #1 among Vancouver social media agencies based on the number of Tweets and followers, ahead of Canada’s largest advertising agency.

If there’s one thing social media professionals agree on it’s this: social media doesn’t sleep.

It’s always on, day in and day out no matter if it’s Monday or Sunday. The larger your audience is, the more demanding social media management becomes.

The wrinkle is that social media is becoming the cornerstone of many communication programs. That’s where we come in.

There is always another Tweet to send or Direct Message to answer or person to like or article to write or audience to manage.

That’s why social media marketing management is a fundamental offering of Sky Alphabet. We show up every single day — seven days a week — to ensure that your social media posts are happening, day in and day out, because you never know when your investors, customers and prospects will be stopping by your Twitter or Instagram account..

But it’s what we do. We show up every day of the year to ensure things are running smoothly. We manage the full range of social media marketing issues: everything from disgruntled customers to short sellers to fans. We love new fans!

Sometimes we catch problems. Big problems. Like this one recently for AcuityAds (not a client). Seems like some nefarious actor wanted to mess up their brand on social media by impersonating this leading Canadian adtech firm. What if this had remained unchecked?

The fact is, shenanigans are always happening on social media. It’s a fact of life we know how to deal with.

Social media management involves aspects that are unexpected such as this one involving someone impersonating AcuityAds on Twitter
We noticed someone was impersonating @AcuityAds with a fake Twitter account. Boo!

We show up every day, 365 days a year

We work 365 days a year to ensure that your social media management is best in class. We respond and answer tweets, post great content, and chime in on things that people would expect us to chime in on. But we’re also there to defend your brand and participate in relevant conversations. Sometimes we wait for opportunities. Other times we ignore them. Silence can often be the best policy but that doesn’t mean we’re not monitoring what’s happening.

The list of possible things we could engage with every day is long and wide.

Regardless of the perimeter that dictates what we choose to weigh in on (or not), the fact is social media is a long way off from chatbots taking over.  The decisions to be made are not ones that automated software can not yet make (ie reporting a fake account in the name of a prominent brand has recently been started).

Our approach to social media management cannot be automated

Sure, we automate a lot of stuff. But the things we automate are meant to be automated. Like the post that happens every Wednesday at 3pm PST to remind people that “Wheel of Fortune” will be airing an hour from now on the East coast.

Immediacy is critical with social media. Many of our clients like to post to Instagram and LinkedIn with their own personal/executive content from time to time but leave the Twitter to us. We configure the account so that multiple people have the ability to post, so that if something is happening live at your restaurant (Drake just walked in!) it can be posted then and there.

Our approach enables authorized people (VP Marketing, CEO, IRO) to participate directly in the social media channel they are most comfortable with while overcoming social media’s most challenging aspect: what do we post every day?

This screen shot shows the typical posting schedule. You can see 81 posts are lined up. At the end of those posts another 100 will be added so that the post queue is never empty.

Social media management buffer posting schedule
Above: this is a typical account we manage. In the to left corner you can see 81 posts loaded up. These posts will last a week.

If you are interested in being a top performer on social media and could use a hand, we’re a good and reliable agency to consider.

Need a good reason to shift your marketing budgets into social media? How about this statistic: (More here)

chart nine of ten social media users were influenced to purchase

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