Large cap, mid cap, small cap. On social media you’re all the same

We provide corporate issuers with the ability to communicate like the leaders they are.

Our range of social media marketing services provides public companies of all sizes with access to the industry’s most reliable and innovative social media solutions.

Substantial capital markets experience.

Sky Alphabet was built on $45 billion in securities transactions. From S-1s to 10-Qs, we transform filings into beautiful stories that play on social media.

4/5 years of awards.

We are often imitated but never duplicated. That’s because our social media marketing techniques and processes were developed by us, for our clients.

The industry’s best turnaround.

Social media is a living, breathing entity. To respond to the opportunities and threats, client accounts are monitored 24/7/365.

2023 Global Social Media Awards Finalist Sky Alphabet
Sky Alphabet Awards 2018-2023

Tap into the huge investor community that uses social media

We plan, produce and execute all aspects related to deploying, monitoring and reporting social media marketing campaigns.

This means that we assess your current situation with your Twitter, LinkedIn and other social accounts, and work with your budget to deliver key components:

Social Media Awards Sky Alphabet 2018-2023

Whether it’s Sunday morning or Monday night, social media is always on

At Sky Alphabet, all we do is social media. We show up every single day — seven days a week — to ensure your social media campaigns are performing as expected.

If your campaign isn’t performing, we fix it. This often requires pausing the campaign and adjusting a variable or two until it is running properly.

If it still isn’t working, we’ll cancel the campaign mid-stream and build a new one. We'll move mountains to achieve your objectives.

Finalist, 2023 Global Social Media Awards

Best Twitter Campaign Sky Alphabet - 2023 Global Social Media Awards

At the 2023 Global Social Media Awards, we were one of three agencies to earn recognition in the category of "Best Twitter Campaign."

The capital markets are unforgiving and it seems increasingly so. This is why objectives such as “grow the client’s audience” or “increase the client’s share of voice” are essential activities. Our campaigns rely on a combination of organic and paid social media approaches.

In this award-winning campaign, the client was responsible for writing the tweets and hiring the influencers. Over the three month period, we produced the creative and executed the media buy.

Social Media Marketing Analytics

social media marketing analytics

Social media marketing is driven by analytics. Or perhaps it is the other way around?

As part of the first stage (setting goals and benchmarks), we identify a group of peers that can be tracked alongside our clients.

In the example above, we have selected a peer group of five of the leading Twitter silver accounts to benchmark a related silver equity against.

This gives us objective performance data so that we can set appropriate targets for our client’s social media marketing campaigns.

Here’s how we think about it.

Do we want our client to be top quartile? Of course.

This means we will have to Tweet, on average, at least ((7+27+17+33+16)/5)=23 times per month.

But it also means we will have to attract at least ((2188+730+402+126+119)/5)=713 followers per month.

Those are the numbers.

What is involved with social media marketing?

Social media marketing almost always involves a campaign. The campaign can be of fixed or indeterminate length. It is often funded by a defined, fixed budget or allocation, but if it is a campaign that self-funds (i.e. it generates sufficient returns to pay for itself), some campaigns run until they are no longer profitable or required.

In the context of a public company or corporate issuer, we approach social media marketing by completing four objectives: campaign goals and benchmarking; tactics, creative production; and execution.

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Goals & Benchmarking

When we initiate an engagement with a new client, we will often issue a Project Brief and Social Media Strategy. Much of the information related to the client’s goals and how we intend to benchmark progress are determined by these two engagement documents.

For example, trading volume and network of influence are two common goals. We can easily track both of these objectives, and will do so at the end of every month.


How are we going to achieve higher trading volumes? How are we going to build our network of influence? This is where a wide range of tactics come into play, some of which sound quite devious: influencer hijacking, post takeovers, headline squatting.

Of course, there are other better known tactics that also work: target liking, ring retweeting and so on, but the point is: if a goal includes an audience or content objective, there are many tactics to attract attention.

Creative Production

It will be difficult to accomplish your social media marketing goals without the necessary creative. This means producing animations, 4K videos, interviews, GIFs, memes, polls, links to websites. The range of possibilities is large. Use whatever your audience is into but stay on brand. This sounds much easier than it actually is, because all posts will require approval.


In our experience, execution is what separates legitimate social media agencies from other entities that do social media “on the side”. Professional social agencies get to posting, fast. And the posts are high quality. Design firms and others that say they offer social media but talk about posts more than they post rarely get results. This is the reason we like to post within hours of our engagement documents being signed.