We’ve compiled the research behind 10 reasons to try social media marketing.

Research shows that social media is the number one marketing channel to grow your brand – especially when combined with other marketing tactics.

We’ve seen it time and again. It seems as if nothing is happening and then – BAM! – the success hits and you never look back.

10 reasons to try social media marketing by Sky Alphabet

We’ve compiled some of the most convincing research – from social media being used as a primary research tool to its persuasive efficacy.

social media most effective digital marketing tactic 2018
Published on marketingcharts.com in December 2017 | Data source Ascend2 and its research partners.
Small businesses rate sociaol media most effective marketing tactic
Source: Street Fight Insights, Alignable


Here are 10 reasons why we believe social media is a sensible investment.

1. Social Media is Cost Effective

On a CPM (cost per thousand) basis, social media outperforms all other forms of media. This is because you can develop your own audience and generate hundreds of thousands of impressions without paying for them. Even if you do run ads, social media is comparatively cheap, running at about $5 per thousand impressions.

2. You Can Build Brand Equity Quickly

Why do celebrities use social media? Because it works. Brand equity can be a squishy thing but one thing is for certain: the more you communicate like a leader, the more value accrues to your brand. Social media is one of the very best communication channels – better than media releases and websites – because you are co-existing with people in their leisure feeds. If you play nicely and get along, you’re bound to make more than a few friends.

3. Social Media Reviews Are Like Word of Mouth

The problem with word of mouth? It takes too long. One of the more fascinating pieces of research is that reviews of businesses and products on social media have the same value as a review from a friend or family member. Heavy, right? If you’re a quality brand looking to punch up a weight class, social is for you.


84% of executves use social media to research vendors

4. Social Media Levels the Playing Field

Unlike other channels, you don’t need a ton of budget to be successful. You just need to be smart. We can give you the strategy you need – aligned with your target audience – to compete against much larger, better financed brands.

5. Many People Use Social Media Networks Every Day

73% of internet users use social networks at least once a month. These numbers are skewed because of older people; 18-25 usage is closer to 90%, with many users (18-24 females) using more than one social network every day.


6. 20-30 Year Olds Use Social Media to Research Luxury Products

Social media is a critical step along the path to purchase. Buyers, assistants and future leaders who are making recommendations to their bosses now are 20-30 years old. If you lack a strong presence on social, you are missing out on a huge opportunity – especially if your competitors are there.

social media as a research source


7. The Use of Social Media By a Brand Says “We Belong”

Companies with more than 100 employees use social media as a marketing communications channel nine times out of ten. It’s a big checkmark in the “brand safety” category if a brand has an established presence and is communicating regularly like big companies do.

everybody uses social media


8. Mobile Internet Use is Up Sharply and Social Media is Mobile Native

The best social media networks (Twitter, Instagram) were invented on mobile phones. This explains why people use social media to get a larger percentage of their daily news and entertainment content.

This is a big opportunity for brands because if you slim down to your authentic best and make a daily appearance, you’ll be racking up fans in no time.

Social Media is mobile emarketer

9. Social Media Influences Search Results

Let’s face it: you want to be friends with Google. Social media is one of the best ways to not only improve your search results but to shape your online brand and reputation.

A recent study involving 26 million social media shares showed that the top three search results posted more on social media than those appearing in positions 4-10.

social media is great for search results

10. Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions

If social media didn’t have the ability to influence purchase decisions, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Nine out of ten consumers are influenced by social. The key is authenticity. On social media you don’t want to sound as if you’re selling, but over time that’s exactly what you’re doing.



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