If you’re interested in ranking social media agencies, we’ll save you the time by comparing Vancouver social media agencies for you.

With 49,000 tweets and 17,300 followers, Sky Alphabet Social Media is the leading social media agency in Vancouver, BC.

Sky Alphabet edged out Canada’s largest advertising agency — Cossette — which was a close second with 16.4K followers. 

The rankings are derived from publicly-available data published on the Twitter pages of various Vancouver social media agencies on November 6, 2017. The top social media agencies were selected by Googling “Vancouver social media agencies”.

Sky Alphabet is the leading vancouver social media agency

This article is for public companies (TSX, TSX-V, CVE) that are interested in learning about Vancouver social media companies but don’t have time to do the research.

Considerations for public companies hiring a social media agency

1. Twitter is the go-to social platform for corporations and investor-financed businesses. Traditional corporate news dissemination mechanisms are no longer working. This has caused a major shift at public companies and regulated entities in North America. Companies that are utilizing Twitter and other social platforms have a material advantage over those who do not.

For many public companies, the press release is a dying distribution mechanism or is already dead. For an increasing number of TSX-listed companies, Twitter is fast-becoming critical to success. New research from Pew shows that 74% of Twitter users get their news from that platform.

Twitter users are loyal to Twitter. They are also higher educated and are more likely to own a home.

In the same way that business-to-consumer brands (Lululemon, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream) rely on Facebook, public companies that are known only to investors are becoming more reliant on Twitter. Or should be. If Facebook is for family, Twitter is for business. Combining Twitter with other platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook has been shown to deliver solid results.

To quote Jhennifer Phabiliano, all the important people are on Twitter. This means investors, venture capitalists, senior executives, coders, architects, real estate developers and journalists are using Twitter every day.

Comparing Vancouver Social Media Agencies by Tweet Frequency

The number of Tweets a social media account publishes on a given day is a strong signal of the account’s quality. As a complementary metric to the number of followers, the aggregate number of Tweets published by social media agency account is a sign of how seriously the agency takes Twitter.

Social media agencies must tweet — at a minimum — 6-12 times per day, every day. This includes Saturday and Sunday.

An agency that does not tweet on the weekend might have a difficult time justifying their role as a Twitter agency. Because audiences on Twitter often number into the tens of thousands, the community is “always on”. Customer support issues and opportunities cannot be left until after the weekend.

Social Media Agency ranking by # of Tweets 1 Sky Alphabet 49,100 - 2 Cossette 5,951 - 3 Stir Marketing 4 Antisocial Solutions has no Twitter acccount
Nov 7, 2017. Data by Twitter. Logarithmic scale.

Measured by the number of Tweets, Sky Alphabet Social Media is the number one social media agency in Vancouver. Canada’s largest advertising agency, Cossette, is ranked second. The results do not factor in account age. Cossette’s Twitter account is 8.8 years old. Sky Alphabet’s account is 2.3 years old.

Social Media Agency# of TweetsTwitter Handle
Sky Alphabet Social Media49,100@skyalphabet
Stir Marketing 5,666@StirSolutions
AntiSocial Solutions– No Twitter acccount— No Twitter Acccount
Witty Cookie2,157@wittycookie
Legendary– No Twitter acccount— No Twitter Acccount
Go Popcorn1,280@GoPopcorn

There is no lack of “tweetable content”. Agencies that are not comfortable with tweeting often are most likely oriented to Facebook where the ideal post frequency is twice a day. A low frequency account has been shown to have low correlated growth; an account that Tweets often grows more quickly. The same is true of Instagram.

Comparing Vancouver Social Media Agencies by Audience

The number of followers a social media agency has is useful to assessing its capabilities. Because Twitter is the dominant social platform for public companies, we believe the number of Twitter is instructive to evaluating the relative capabilities of the firms.

The ability to grow an audience is essential; few would develop a content strategy designed to tweet to an audience of 100 unless that audience was very special. This strategy of tweeting to low numbers occurs with creative agencies that do not understand social media. Experienced social media agencies place an emphasis on audience growth.

A professional social media firm will offer audience development as its core activity. Audience development activities generally represent as much as 50% of the billable hours if the client’s audience has not yet reached an acceptable level.

Social media agencies that possess a large Twitter following have a demonstrated expertise with audience development activities.

Ranking social media agencies by number of Followers: 1 Sky Alphabet 2 Cossette 3 GoPopcorn
Nov 6, 2017 – Data from Twitter

As shown above, Sky Alphabet Social Media Inc. is the leading Vancouver social media firm with Cossette #2. The data captured on November 6, 2017 is summarized in the table below.

Social Media AgencyTwitter FollowersTwitter Handle
Sky Alphabet Social Media17,300@skyalphabet
Go Popcorn6,100@GoPopcorn
AntiSocial Solutions– No Twitter acccount— No Twitter Acccount
Witty Cookie1,208@wittycookie
Legendary– No Twitter acccount— No Twitter Acccount
Stir Marketing1,101@StirSolutions

 About Sky Alphabet Social Media Inc.

Sky Alphabet is a “pure play” social media agency. We are not a web design company that does social media on the side. We are not a digital marketing agency that does social media on the side. In Vancouver, we are the only social media agency that is purely a social media agency. We are also feverish fans of SEO and pay-per-click, but social media has always been our primary activity.

What’s the big deal with being a “pure play” social media agency?
Unless you’re in the trenches of social media every day, 7 days a week you probably have no business managing corporate Twitter accounts. It’s too risky. We have a public company background that includes $45 billion in transaction experience through equity and debt issues. Continuous disclosure is critical to success. This is why our accounts tweet anywhere from 3-12 times per day, every day. Anything less is not effective.

Material competitive gains in competitive sectors such as commercial real estate, mining, energy, P&C insurance, retail brokerage and other publicly-traded categories are possible with an actively managed Twitter account.


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