As Agency of Record (AOR) for client digital accounts, we implement and execute paid social media marketing campaigns. We’re talking Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Spotify, Snapchat and Twitter ads.

Paid social media advertising (aka “paid social campaigns”) may also include other digital marketing components. We also plan and execute search engine marketing (SEM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and digital display advertising (programmatic display and programmatic audio) campaigns, all of which complement our social media activities.

To ensure that we are stretching budgets, we conduct strategic planning before executing social media advertising campaigns.

Instagram Stories ads are fantastic vehicles for branding and storytelling to 18-35 audiences. Furthermore you can choose the audience targeting by device.

We Drive Conversions Through Paid and Earned Media

All of our digital campaigns seek to achieve business objectives. Our responsibilities include the design, configuration and evaluation of conversion optimization activities that range from simply upgrading the copy on a website to A/B testing Facebook ads to maximize traffic and clicks.

Iterating and testing variations of paid social media advertising campaigns, including Facebook and Instagram ads (video vs. carousel, for example) are key to success. A one percentage gain in clicks can translate to meaningful gains in revenue performance.

Our Data-Driven Approach

There’s a lot of data out there. On a best efforts basis we collect data pertaining to the web properties of our clients through Google Analytics and in-app measurement mechanisms to monitor new and returning visitors. For some clients we use Databox to pull together the comprehensive reporting available on the various social media advertising networks.

We monitor our ads during the campaign so that we can make adjustments. Often, small tweaks can make a difference.

We set goals and report on journeys (clickthroughs and visits) happening across social and the web. Our clients receive detailed KPI reports every month so that we can comment on our progress and seek improvements on a continuous basis.

Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients to plan, implement, and measure effective online marketing campaigns that often begin with social but may also include a search marketing and/or Pay-per-click component. These multi-channel digital media marketing campaigns include campaign performance reports consisting of search, display, paid social advertising and mobile KPIs.

We monitor all ongoing paid campaigns on a daily basis to keep track of conversion issues so that we may change course if necessary. Real-time troubleshooting often identifies “glaring problems” that lead to new opportunities.

Testing Our Hypotheses

We will often have a hypothesis (or two) about what might work better for a campaign already in progress. The theory may relate to something simple such as changing a headline or re-positioning an element.

We swiftly implement A/B tests until we can gather enough data to support a conclusion either way. Our initial gut-reactions can be incorrect.

Our strategies are designed to increase the volumes of leads at the top of the so-called “funnel” and eventually convert to a desired action at a later date. Overall, we seek to lower the cost per acquisition and facilitate conversion while not overspending in highly competitive markets.

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