As a business, it’s almost impossible to thrive without great digital marketing. We’re known as a social media firm but we compete against Vancouver digital marketing agencies. That’s because we combine SEO and search marketing with social media. Powerful.

As a digital marketing agency we rely on two of the most effective but most difficult digital tactics: SEO and search engine marketing (SEM)

You can build a great website but will people come?

No. Not unless you’re proactively driving traffic to it. Social is great at driving traffic. In fact it’s #1. SEO through search is #2.

Because organic search is enormously important to driving website traffic, too (organic search is when someone uses Google to find something), it is also critical that your business be found on Google using a search term other than the name of your business.

For example, if you’re a property maintenance company you may want to be found when people search for “flood repair companies.”

We all know that your website has to look good and load quickly. We also know that if your social media isn’t up to date and your competitors are rocking their feeds, you’re at a disadvantage. As time passes the disadvantage grows.

Sky Alphabet gives small and medium-sized businesses an important edge. We start with social media and thread in other digital disciplines as they make sense to your situation. We find that social media with SEO and content marketing give most businesses the visibility (and traffic) they need.

The Vancouver Digital Marketing Agency Built on Social Media

Bottom Line: Digital marketing consists of multiple techniques. Social media is one. SEO is another. Website development and design is yet another. The latest research suggests that social media is among the most effective tool in the digital marketing toolbox.

social media most effective digital marketing tactic 2018
Published on in December 2017 | Data source Ascend2 and its research partners.

As a Vancouver digital marketing agency built on social media, we have enhanced digital marketing capabilities that are ideal for investor-financed businesses and entrepreneurial organizations.

The principal of our firm, Steve Yanor, has more than 15 years of experience working with global brands on digital marketing initiatives involving dozens of launches and billions of dollars.

We work hard to stay ahead. This why we continually strengthen our capabilities and partnerships. We complement our leading social media marketing services with the digital marketing services that businesses and brands need the most: SEO, long-form content marketing, website development and digital strategy.

Digital Marketing Agency with Social Prowess = Success

Make no mistake: on its own social media accomplishes a lot. Some businesses have foregone storefronts and websites in favour of social media pages.

Adding strategic digital marketing support can accomplish marketing objectives much faster. Growth. Profitability. When you think about it, combining digital marketing with social media makes a lot of sense.

Research shows that multiple touchpoints are helpful to moving a target along the path to purchase. A link clicked on in a Twitter or Facebook timeline can instantly trigger a program of ongoing nurturing that may eventually lead to a sale.

One example would be a Spotify campaign add-on to an ongoing social media awareness effort. We also offer out-of-home (digital billboards), parkade advertising, elevator advertising, YouTube, AdWords (search marketing, PPC/CPC) and many other alternatives as dictated by your social media or marketing plan.


We pioneered social media Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also called “social SEO“. We also code traditional SEO for websites, landing pages and integrated marketing campaigns. SEO is a crucially important aspect of any web property — especially new sites that have not yet been crawled — because it allows a website with content to communicate directly with search engines. The capability to “translate” what is on a webpage through the language of SEO is enormously helpful and can lead to top positions when other ranking initiatives are pursued, including Social media.

Programmatic Advertising

One of our most popular offerings is programmatic advertising. We use a real-time bidding (RTB) platform operated by one of Canada’s most experienced trading partners to execute digital campaigns across the creative range: digital display, video and banners. When used in conjunction with a paid or organic social media campaign, targets can be successfully served multiple impressions over multiple devices or channels.

digital marketing audience tweet

We have the ability to place display, digital video and targeted programmatic audio (i.e. Spotify) campaigns at the industry’s best prices. Programmatic advertising is an ideal solution for marketers because it is brand-safe, attributable (you know where the target came from) and delivers a high quality audience at rates that compare favourably against agency direct bookings.

Spot TV Advertising

From time to time it makes sense to purchase traditional television spots (:10’s or :30’s) combined with a digital video buy executed across a social media and/or Google’s video network. In 2017, Nielsen conducted a study that suggested Twitter was an effective complement to a television ad campaign. Depending on the campaign purpose and budget, reaching a target audience at multiple depths often produces desirable results such as brand likeability, recall and conversion. For those with the budgets, TV lends an important dimension of credibility.

Quaker TV engagement high with twitter tweet from adweek


We have several digital out-of-home products including elevator advertising (in Edmonton and Vancouver), transit shelter advertising and billboards.

Search Marketing (AdWords/PPC) and Retargeting

We execute search marketing campaigns for call-only and other Google campaign types (video, display, text only, shopping). We are huge fans of call-only ads (you only pay for the phone call) and other strategies that put your brand and message in front of searchers at the lowest possible price. Search marketing is a stellar complement to social media. Contact us to find out more.

Using twitter data to improve your audience tweet by @smexaminer

E-Mail Marketing

Your list or ours? Email is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing but it’s important to have a good list and to approach it with caution. We integrate social media marketing with e-mail to ensure that your prospects are well informed to make a decision.


We use Google Analytics, Twitter analytics and Google Tag manager to track attribution, audiences and campaign performance across social and digital platforms. In general, we expect to see half of new user traffic to our client websites to originate from Twitter, and that traffic itself increases by a significant amount over time (in some cases from zero to hundreds or thousands of unique visitors per month).

Social media networks are really good at driving traffic! We issue monthly reports that outline all aspects of social media performance with a focus on audience development.

Generating Traffic Using SEO and Social Media

Connect with us to find out more about how we combine social media with digital marketing to deliver great results.

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